Tap that Ball

1590 Words

After a fulfilling lunch with the three girls at that empty clubroom, we're now back at the Gymnasium for our PE. This time, that discipline freak of a teacher probably got reprimanded from the last PE Class where the 7th period had to be skipped due to the utter exhaustion of the students with low stamina. "I wonder what she will have us do today." Sakuma commented behind me. Even he was probably starting to get scared of this teacher's method. "Probably nothing?" I answered him which voiced out what everyone wished for. As always, she had us stand up straight without breaking our posture. I looked around and saw Itou at the front of the Class 3 girls. Nami, Satsuki and Aya were together. Ah. Mori and Chii were also near them. "Hopefully nothing." Sakuma seconded my doubtful wish.

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