Family Dinner

2357 Words

"There. It looks good on you, husband." Akane said after fixing the collar of my clothes. Since we'll be meeting her parents, even if they're just next door, she wanted us to be well-presented. It's not some fancy clothes anyway but yeah, I should really care about what I will wear if I meet my other girls' parents. When the time comes, I will ask for their hands. To let them stay with me as well, just like with Akane. When Shio woke me up from my sleep in her car, we're already back at our house with Akane waiting for me. I already saw the car of her father next door. She's here waiting for me so we could go there together. "It really looks good on you, Ruru. Akane really had a firm grasp when it comes to you." Shio also commented when she went back from upstairs to change. Miwa-nee

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