Before Going Home

1777 Words

"What is it, senpai?" I looked back and saw her fixing her posture. Though she still has that pale expression on her face, her eyes were looking straight at me. "I've been thinking since that day, usually, they will be immediately intimidated if I acted like that. However, you're different. Not only you didn't cower, you even talked back and even influenced Nanami to stand up for you by crossing me. What's with you?" I could see her slightly trembling body. What I did was still affecting her but she's trying to cast it off by questioning me like this. "It's not because you're not scary or intimidating, senpai. I'm just too used at dealing with that, you see. And Nami was with me, would I even be a man if I cowered just because you're supposed to be scary?" She's only annoying back the

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