Understanding Her

2171 Words

"I'm sorry for being late Shizu-senpai." I apologized first before entering the Student Council. There are no other students here except Shizu-senpai who went back to working right after. She's like Haruko, alright. They're both too diligent to do that much paperwork and she's not even asking me to help or did she immediately forget my existence? "What are you looking at? You're my secretary, right? Help me organize these ones I already finished checking." Ah. It's not that she's not asking me, she wanted me to move without being ordered. Alright. This will be our real first interaction, I still don't know how I can get her to change her impression of me but since I'm already here, I'll just do what I can. I picked up the papers she pointed at and organized it on the long table in t

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