Informing Shio

2151 Words

When the lunch break ended, the three girls went ahead of me. Even if the three were already comfortable with each other, it will surely be bad to be seen with all of them. With the class going on as usual, time passed quickly and the day was already soon to end. I have that appointment with Shizu-senpai to spend time with her but first, I want to see Shio and tell her what happened. Satsuki, Aya and Nami already went to their clubs after saying goodbye to me. Though Nami's friends always urged me to visit their club again, I opted not to. It's not always fun to look at the gloomy face of Ogawa. He will surely be more aggrieved if even at their clubroom, Nami will be all over me. That might break his character and had him evolve from being the dense harem protagonist to an active one. He

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