Three Healing Angels

2003 Words

"Where did you go?" Nami asked when she saw me entering the empty clubroom, Satsuki and Aya were with her and were discussing something. All three of them stood up worriedly and walked towards me. I checked my phone when I arrived back in school and saw Nami's message to me to still come to the empty clubroom when I get back. That Nobuo already drove away and based on his attitude, if he wanted to gain some kind of guarantee from me, he better not do anything funny. "Err. I just finished some business." I couldn't tell them what I just did. Shio's husband seemingly gave up because of the pieces of evidence I piled up. However, there's still a possibility that he will rescind on what he agreed on. "You're drenched in sweat and you look pale." Satsuki said when I went near them. I se

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