Making him Back Off

2107 Words

"Say. Does it have to be high school girls?" I broke the silence when we're already out of the vicinity of the school. He's still gritting his teeth as if he would bite anytime. Of course, he will be this angry if I'm threatening his livelihood as well as his hobby. "Huh? What the hell are you talking about?" Through gritted teeth, that's the only thing he could say in response. "No. I mean. Why are you targeting high school girls? You already have a wife who you got from it but you still continued?" Because he's a pedo, of course. Someone with a high school girl fetish. Through this rage of his, he didn't even notice that I'm already recording this conversation. "I didn't intend on getting a wife through it. Once they graduate, I'll let them go. But Shiori…" But Shio dragged you t

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