How to Deal with Him?

2086 Words

After one more round with Shio, she fell back on the bed, exhausted but with a satisfied smile on her face. She then turned her body towards me and used my chest as her pillow while her legs were clinging onto me. For her to show me this adorable side of hers, this is probably the one that she would only show to those she was really comfortable to. "Ruru..." Shio called out softly. She's still catching her breath while resting comfortably on my chest "What is it?" I answered her. My arms already circled around her and pulled her closer. I will leave later, so this much is fine. "…About your future." Shio answered. Ah. I know. She's still worried about that. That impossible future. I reached for her hair and caressed it as I corrected her. "Our future. I want my Shio in it." Thou

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