Miyazaki Shiori (2) *

2390 Words

While my c**k was slowly sliding inside her, my eyes never left Shio's face. The way she reacted was all captured by me. Halfway through, I could feel the walls of her p***y tighten up as if the place was still unexplored. Shio bit her lips while raising her arms to try and reach my shoulder. I lowered my head a bit for her arms to reach me. Shio, after noticing that, immediately circled her arms around my neck and pulled me down to a kiss. Using that opportunity, my c**k pushed further inside her, burying itself completely. The warm feeling instantly enveloped me as the insides of Shio tightened as it tried to squeeze me. At the same time as my c**k reached her deepest part, Shio couldn't resist to moan as she let go of my lips, hearing it at this distance instantly turned me on. With

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