Meeting Aoi and Ria Again

1717 Words

"Husband, rest for a while before you go." Akane reminded me after we finished eating. Aya was still here because I told her I would take her to the station. Since my next appointment would be with Aoi and Ria, I told those two to meet after lunch so upon deciding that, I had Aya stay a little more so that I could take her there myself. "Alright. Let me use your lap, wife." Hearing my words, Akane smiled brightly and sat on the long sofa, I followed her and laid my body down on it using her lap as a pillow. Aya who was looking at us also smiled though she's a bit jealous, she's probably thinking that I already pampered her enough since last night and this morning. After coming back from the supermarket, I volunteered to cook while the two of them watched. Miwa-nee was with Minoru rep

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