Confusion (2)

1649 Words

Hearing my words, Nikaido fell deep in thought before she put a hand on top of her heart before looking up to me with a different expression than before, it's like she realized something. "… Is that really it? But why is my heart beating like this for you? Onoda, can you tell me?" Upon saying that, Nikaido took my hand and also put it on top of where her heart is, though there's the softness of her breast which filled up my palm instantly, her heart was really throbbing rapidly as if she ran nonstop. "Nikaido…" "Your words just now made it like this. What happened? This feels too different…" Even with my hand feeling up that marshmallow-like softness on top of her heart, Nikaido with her reddened face was staring at me intently. "Maybe it was really my curiosity earlier but now… Onod

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