Close Call*

1418 Words

My mind was telling me to let Hina do what she wanted to. However, in one corner of it, I was still trying to look for a reason why I should let her. Am I becoming indecisive now? No… I was worried that someone would suddenly come in and see Hina stuffing her mouth with my c**k. She pulled it out while I was asleep. Perhaps if I didn’t wake up from what she was doing, I would be seeing her sucking on it or even better or worse? riding me at the moment.  Nonetheless, I also felt my desire for her was currently ablaze. Seeing her face next to it and her hand gripping it tightly, my reason was slowly flying out of my mind. “Hina, are you sure? I know you’re aware of what you’re going to do and I will definitely love it… but--” “I want to. I… I want you, Ruki. As thanks for what you did.

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