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With the arrival of the three, what we’re about to do was stopped. Their timing was impeccable that I had no idea if I should be thankful for them or not. Ah. No. Truthfully, I wasn’t thankful that they arrived. That part of me was still throbbing. I could still feel Hina’s mouth and her slit rubbing onto it. I wanted to release what accumulated inside me. However, the present situation wouldn’t allow that. Looking at the girl still acting like she’s unconscious on the bed, if she hadn’t gotten a wake-up call from what she tried to do with me right now then she’s also the same as me, vexed that we got interrupted. “Hmm? Why is it a bit steamy here? Is the AC not working?” Perhaps noticing the atmosphere at this side of the infirmary, Saki turned towards the innocent air conditioner.

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