Teasing Imada

1819 Words

"Saki-chan." Nami called out to the girl standing outside next to the door. After seeing us, she didn't really leave the area and instead waited for us to emerge from the room. "Y-you two. Why are you doing that here? What if it's not me who saw you?" Unlike her usual sheepish mood where she always teases us, Imada embarrassedly asked after coming back inside the room. "What did you see?" "Onoda-kun is n***d while you're sitting on him…" Upon saying that, Imada sneakily stole a glance at me before averting it almost instantly. From how red she turned earlier and still had it when it's already a few minutes since she saw us, Imada couldn't get it off her mind. She's also someone pure. Well. Most of them are. I'm the one who always corrupts my girls. And now, even Nami has been corru

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