Where's my Mentor?

1797 Words

When the bell indicating the end of the 5th period rang out, most students stood up excitedly. It's now the time for the Mentor Program. Some of them got someone they know as their Mentor while some were just excited for this activity. Who knows what kind of experience this Mentor Program will bring about? I at least don't want to see Aya become like Otsuka-senpai who has an excessively curious personality. However, having her circle expand is something I want to see. It's also something in line with the things that she can do for what she wanted to be in the future. 10 minutes later, a group of 2nd-year students entered the room, in front of them was none other than Shizu-senpai. Otsuka-senpai and Arisa-senpai were among them. With their number, it's still not enough for the 30 studen

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