Cleaning the Clubroom

2537 Words

After the PE. The 7th period became another self-study period due to the students being dead tired even after resting for 30 minutes. Rae and I stayed there until the last minute. Before the PE Teacher saw our state we already separated after a steamy session where there's no place untouched on her lips and neck. We planned our next agreement for next week and unlike today, we have to fit it in somewhere we can really be alone together. It's what she insisted when I first told her to just do it during club hours. Because of how close we were earlier, Rae noticed my bulge below me when she sat on it. Curious as she was, she kept on rubbing herself on it while we're locked in kissing. I felt that part of her moistened that if we continued, she might ask for it right then and there. Thoug

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