Fulfilling the Agreement (2)

2741 Words

It was a bit of a rush when the PE Teacher suddenly appeared and called out to us but luckily, due to how dark the interior of the Gym Storehouse is, she didn't see anything wrong with us After telling us to take a break and keep the door open to let the air circulate, she went back to supervise our class. Mirae heaved a sigh of relief when she's gone as her sweat continued to drip out of her skin. "Let's take a break, Mirae. You're drenched in sweat already. I'll buy us a drink." I called out to her. She looked back and I saw her using her arm to wipe the sweat off her forehead. "We had just taken a break, right?" Ah. That's not a break you know? That's us slacking off. "Just stop for now and get out to take fresh air. We'll finish that later." I grabbed her hand and pulled her o

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