Fulfilling the Agreement (1)

2619 Words

Another PE Class, however, this time I was exempted. Well, not really exempted but Fujii requested for me to accompany her. Why does she have that power? It's from the day of the dodgeball where she was drained of her strength and fell unconscious when she was hit by me. That discipline freak of a teacher gave her a chance to skip a PE Class. Ah. Not totally skipped but she was exempted from the Endurance training that our classes were being put into and instead she was tasked to clean the Gym Storehouse. And through that, she requested the help of the guy who hit her that day. That's the message she sent me last night that she will use that exemption she got for us to have time. After what happened in that empty clubroom, Nami and I separated on a good note. With the meddling of Shizu

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