Nami's Answer

2338 Words

"What the hell are you talking about? Are you crazy?!" Shizu-senpai reflexively stepped back from us but that only made her tumble down. "You wanted to know, right? I'm afraid that's the only way for him to trust you, Shizu-nee." Nami went over her and helped her stand up. Since she started it, I'll watch for now. Taking Shizu-senpai as my woman. Though it sounds serious, it's meant to scare her. "Why does it involve becoming his woman?" Shizu-senpai took Nami's hand and stood up. Though she tumbled down from her surprise, she recovered immediately when Nami went to help her. "You'll know when you become one." Since Nami couldn't explain it properly, I need to step up and help her. "Shizu-senpai, I really wanted to trust you. Won't you give me a chance?" I asked her. Shizu-senpai

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