It's better this way

1361 Words

As soon as Himeko heard her sister’s voice, she instantly had a reaction not just on her face but also down there. Her sacred place clamped tightly, squeezing me tight inside her. Even if I wanted to move, it would be harder due to how tight she became. It even continued pulsating as her heartbeat quickened at each step Itou took towards our current location. If neither of us answered her, it’s a certainty that Itou would check every stall in this public bathroom to find us. And because this was a small public bathroom, there were only six stalls, three at each side. It wouldn’t take long for her to pinpoint our location. And surely, upon knowing that we’re together, she’d be able to guess the reason why. At this point, Himeko widened her eyes as she was wordlessly inquiring me on wha

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