Inside the Public Bathroom *

1481 Words

While I sat on the covered toilet seat, Himeko was straddling me while subtly shaking her hips to rub onto me. My hands were cupping her buttocks firmly as I fondled it with her skirt raised and tucked in her panties. The stall was small even for a public bathroom so it’s actually cramped even if we’re already too close to each other. We could only either keep standing together or one of us would sit down. When our kisses deepened and what we’re doing gradually escalated earlier, I noticed that Himeko’s knees began shaking from the burning desire we both ignited for each other. To let her rest, I naturally took the seat and pulled her down to my lap wherein she spread her legs wide open to straddle me. I didn’t need to guide her anymore. Himeko was somewhat experienced because of her r

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