Nature's Call?

1477 Words

“The important guest is that singer. I don’t know how her managers pulled the strings to even make our father move to call me. Anyway, they’re actually negligent to not book a hotel first before that concert.”  While waiting for the car she called, Itou added a piece of information about that call she received from her father. Although she seemed to be complaining, there’s a slight excitement in her voice. And upon hearing that, Himeko also had a slight sparkle in her eyes, “Asahi will? To think they will pick our hotel…” Can this still be called coincidence? It still can. It just so happens that her concert is today. It’s not like I will go there to meet her. Besides, her concert still hasn’t started. It will start at four and by that time, I need to be at the Boxing Gym now. Ah… The

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