Sending the Silly Girl to School

1640 Words

With the addition of Akane's three friends; Fuyu, Eri and Futaba, our simple walk to their school became more eye-catching. Aside from how Akane kept her hold onto my arm, the three surrounded us. "Why is it that if Kouta is the one walking with us, we're not getting this much attention?" Eri, the only short-haired girl among Akane's three friends, she's a bit tomboyish but among the three, she's like Akane wherein that guy she mentioned is her childhood friend and long-time boyfriend. "Even Masa doesn't get this much attention. We all know why it's different, right Eri, Fuyu?" Futaba, the one whose appearance is close to a gyaru due to her dyeing her hair to lime color as well as having four piercings, two in each of her ears. "You know how that rumor about them still hasn't died down.

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