Amazing Haruko

1444 Words

“Haru…” While wearing a baseball cap and a baseball jacket to match it along with long baggy pants, the silver-haired senior, Serizawa-senpai gracefully got off the bus. Although her current attire was as if she didn’t want anyone to see any part of her body, the way she moved still exuded the same grace during the few times that I saw her. Nonetheless, she’s still as fearful of me as before. As soon as she saw me next to Haruko, Serizawa-senpai instantly averted her gaze as she ran to Haruko’s side. That’s right. Haruko actually invited her to come to my house by accompanying her. And as for her reason… it’s because she already deemed my conquest on stealing Himeko and Mina as complete. She actually talked to those two and asked them about what they’re feeling for me. Himeko bravely

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