Laundry Room

1378 Words

When Haruko and I returned to the living room where Serizawa-senpai was still surrounded by Akane and Yae, Haruko separated from me to join them as I went back to the kitchen to do what I had to do. Minoru was totally focused on watching a children's anime. It didn’t bother him that there were now four girls that were in the same living room. Perhaps he was already used to seeing girls that were close to Akane’s beauty appearing in this house so seeing a new one wasn’t bothering him anymore. But… Do I need to worry? Ah no. He’s just at the age that he would just take anything presented to him. Right? At the least, he understood that the girls showing up here were more or less connected to me. As I went my way towards the kitchen, I stopped my steps and turned my head in a certain dir

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