Serving them

1707 Words

“Girls, let’s go and eat,” I called out to the girls crowding in the living room after I finished preparing the table. Fortunately, the table was long enough to accommodate everyone. Because I volunteered, I did everything from cooking to serving them. Starting with the boy Minoru who was already complaining earlier about being hungry, I put in the right amount of beef stew in his bowl before serving half a cup of rice. “Ru-nii made this?” He asked innocently while staring at the food in front of him. “Yes. What do you think? Do you like it?” “I haven’t tasted it yet.” “Ah. Right. Go on then. I’m going to serve the others.” I patted his head and moved to the one next to him. “Did your mom give you her secret recipe? This smells almost the same as what she often cooks.” “She didn’t.

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