Before Leaving *

1346 Words

As Shio’s head began moving to take in more of my length with her mouth, my gaze went down and met her gaze. Shio was erotically staring at my face while giving me a delightful b*****b; it’s wet, warm and slimy. At first, her tongue was circling around the head but as my c**k went deeper inside her mouth, I felt the tightening feeling as sounds of her sucking it in filled the interior of the car. If the girls inside the house leave the front door, they would undoubtedly catch us in the act. Nonetheless, instead of thinking about that, I focus on the pleasure Shio was giving me. When she reached the limit of what she could take, Shio took it out of her mouth first to lick it from the base up to the tip. She was trying to wet the entirety of my length with her saliva. And when she’s don

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