Resolved Conflict (3)

1302 Words

Ten minutes later, we’re still in the same room. Hina’s bottled-up feelings were continuing to flow out. And I… I became her ear who intently listened to her while I kept her close to me. Throughout that ten minutes, Hina managed to tell me her story, her own side of the story. It’s not pretty.  I know. Unlike Akane who waited while doing something that would please me, Hina did everything she could to make Ogawa look at her even to the point of… telling him about Nami’s relationship with me. Right. When she told me that she didn’t want to tell Ogawa about us because he might be depressed if she did, she was lying.  She already told him by that time… However, it didn’t produce any of her intended effects. Because Ogawa was already deluding himself that there’s nothing going on between

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