Resolved Conflict (2)

1342 Words

“I see. I’m glad to hear that. Let’s go?” Well, the bell already rang and although the conflict was already resolved, I doubt she already had an answer ready to give me. She’s already aware of my multiple relationships, it will take her some time to think if she wants to enter it completely. And if she’s going to pick Ogawa, she wouldn’t embrace me like this if that’s her answer. Staying in this position for a while, Hina then lifted my head and kissed me, with the same intensity as yesterday. Pulling me up from a crouching position, the two of us ended up standing in place. Nonetheless, our lips never left each other. “Ruki…” As she began calling out my name in between our exchange of kisses, Hina guided my arms to her back, wordlessly telling me to return her embrace. Perhaps, sh

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