Dodgeball (2)

1710 Words

"Don't think about not playing seriously, you idiot." Satsuki commented. Did you just read my mind? "Catch the special ball for us Onoda!" As if it was that easy Harada. Even these guys couldn't catch it. But yeah, someone from the other team caught it earlier. "Ruu. Focus." Ah. Nami. Is it fine to call me like that here? Or did she deliberately call me that for Tadano to hear? "Ruu?!" Ah. He heard. Well, not that I care. He can be more hostile if he wanted to. But Satsuki, when she heard that, she also turned her head to me like asking what was that about. Harada just looked on, with a mysterious smile on her lips. That scary girl. One word and it turned the air around our team awkward. The game soon resumed. All the balls were at them so we were to defend against it. Since the

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