Miwa-nee's Admittance

1593 Words

After that kind of steamy time with Shio, we drove back to our house. The car became full of the erotic scent from what we did that even the air-conditioning of the car failed to clear it up instantly. Filling up the longing that we will be having for each other, this time with her became worthwhile. When we arrived home, though still a bit reserved, I saw that Aya managed to fit in with Akane helping her to not let her be left out. Since she's the first classmate I brought home, Akane was also excited at talking to her, though her questions were all about me, Aya didn't find that topic boring and instead, she became more enthusiastic that when we're talking about her books. Err… both of them could see the different side of me after all, that's why they almost have never-ending topics

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