Rindou Ayase (1)

1760 Words

"Your shoulder is wet." Aya pointed out when we're alone in the room where we had Nao sleep when she stayed here. Letting Miwa-nee cry on my shoulder was also a way for me to calm my feelings down. All this time, she was carrying that alone, trying to not let me carry the same burden. It might be her fault but knowing that Minoru is our child and her admitting to it, more than the heavy responsibility, it's the relief that she wouldn't shut me down again like before. I didn't know how I could have her acknowledge me. Maybe if I didn't notice, she would never tell me until I became an adult. "Ah. Don't worry about this. How was it? You and Akane talked for so long that I couldn't bear to interrupt." She would just worry if I told her about what happened with Miwa-nee. "She told me thi

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