Rindou Ayase (2) *

2217 Words

Looking at the glistening lips of Aya which has now turned redder than normal, I couldn't help but run my tongue on it before sucking it again. Her closed eyes which opened at some point stared at me intently. Gently kissing and caressing her delicate body as if handling a precious treasure, I felt the rising warmth that was being exuded by her. "M-more. Love me more, Ruki." Aya pleaded once I let go of her lips, her voice that was shaking a bit carried her intention to be showered by my love. It was also at this time that she started to get bolder. Her arm that was clinging tightly on my clothes slipped inside it to feel my skin directly. From my navel up to my chest, Aya ran her warm hand upwards. "What do you want me to do, Aya?" Hearing my question, Aya bit her lips first before o

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