Book Club

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When the 7th period ended, I was immediately approached by Rindou. She's more excited than me to visit her club. What could be in there that would interest me? Books? I might have read any when I have time but I don't have a lot of time to focus on one book. A volume of light novel might take months before I finish it. Well, I already promised so I won't back out. "You're going to try Rindou's club?" Satsuki asks. "I promised and it might be interesting for me too." "Your laziness is leaking out Onoda. You're just looking for a leisure club, aren't you? Why not just join the Go-Home Club?" "What's the fun in that? I already tried that back in middle school. I already thought of that too but clubs are turning out to be more fun than I expected them to be." Yes. Like the Literature Club. I'm having fun there. Of course, Kana is the biggest reason but now there's another interesting one in the form of Otsuka-senpai. Though I said I won't go after her yet but her knowing our secret is the interesting thing. "Then why are you not trying out athletic clubs? Earlier, you look like someone more athletic than most." Eh? Am I? I wouldn't think so. I'm just balanced overall. Those in the athletic clubs have something they focus on and yeah that reason. "No way. Ask Sakuma, I told him the reason." I'm being generous here. I will let you two still have your time. "Huh? Why would I have to ask that i***t? Tell me now." But you look happy at the thought. This girl. How will you confess if you can't stop insulting him with that foul mouth of yours? "You don't need to ask. I'll tell you. Onoda hates the seniors of the athletic clubs. Most if not all, boss their juniors around. Like what happened to me." Sakuma interjects. "I'm not asking you, i***t. Go and practice even if there's none. That way you'll get in with the regulars." "Stop calling me an i***t! How can I thank you for taking me to the infirmary?!" Ah. He blurted that out. Satsuki was surprised, her face slowly turned to red. "Then say thank you, i***t!" With a kick, Sakuma fell back to his seat, seemingly unconscious. "A-are they getting along? I don't understand." Rindou who was silent since earlier asks. "Yeah. That's how they get along. Just don't copy them, okay?" "Y-yes!" "Oi. Onoda, what are you saying to Rindou? Don't corrupt her mind!" No, you're the one who will corrupt her because of your foul mouth. If only we're not here I've already sealed that up with my own mouth or my c**k. Anything you choose. "They're hopeless Rindou. Let's go?" "Yes. See you tomorrow Maemura, Sakuma" Rindou's eyes sparkled as she held onto my sleeve. "Argh. This i***t is ignoring me. Take care of Rindou, okay? See you." "Yes yes. See you, Your highness Maemura, Sakuma." "I told you to stop calling me that with your voice! Ah, forget it." "Yes. See you Onoda, Rindou." Sakuma who just came back from his consciousness waves us goodbye. Though confused, he knew what happened. He got kicked by Satsuki. We leave the two of them behind. I guess even if one of them wants to confess right there and then, it won't go through. Unless it's Maemura but she won't. After what happened to us this morning in their locker room and the infirmary still fresh in her mind, she will have apprehensions at confessing to Sakuma. Plus she still has club practice she has to attend. I know my way through to the Club Building but I don't know where the Book Club is, so why am I walking ahead of Rindou and her just holding to my sleeve? She said she'll guide me, right? Ah. Right. I have to ask her or she won't talk. "Where is the Book Club located?" "Ah. 2nd floor, 2nd last room from the left." "Will it be fine for me to just come in like this?" "Don't worry Onoda, I already informed the club president yesterday. She's waiting too." She? Is it another Rindou or someone like Fujii of the Literature Club? Ah. No use thinking about it. I followed Rindou's direction and arrived in front of the Book Club clubroom. Finally, Rindou lets go of my sleeve, she knocks twice before opening the door. What lay before us beyond that door are bookshelves. Rows of bookshelves, it's like a mini library inside. There's only a little space at the back of the room where you can see tables and chairs. 7 of which were occupied by the apparent club members, no one was talking to each other and all were absorbed in the books by their hands. What's this atmosphere? Did I mistakenly set foot to an auxiliary annex of the library? Those 7 didn't even look back to who knocked nor who came in. "Ah, you're here, Rindou. And?" A voice rang from the left side of the room.  Eh? What the hell? This voice sounds awfully familiar to me. I never thought I would hear it again. This voice belongs to another one of those I stole before. When I cut her off, she didn't persist like the other girls and just disappeared after she graduated from middle school. "Good day Kojima-senpai. I brought him." "Oh. You must be Onoda-kun? Rindou keeps talking about you." I looked in the direction of the voice and saw her, Kojima Haruko, the Student Council President during my 2nd year of Middle School. How is she here? And just by looking at that smile hanging on her lips, she certainly recognized me. Of course, how could she not? During her last year of middle school, I was with her for half a year. In the duration of that half year, she's mine. I stole her from her boyfriend at that time. And yes, she's the one who first told me I look harmless. "E-eh? Don't tell it to him senpai. I'm getting embarrassed." "Why Rindou? He doesn't know?" "N-no..." "This girl. I'm sorry, can you forget what I said earlier?" Haruko turned to me, she's still acting like she doesn't know me. This girl really can act, just from how she acted as the Student Council President at that time, prim and proper. No one would know how aggressive she was in bed. I couldn't deny how I enjoyed my time with her. All the while keeping our secret from the Vice President, her boyfriend. That was truly an exciting time to reminisce about. "Of course, I didn't hear anything." "Okay. Is it fine now Ayase?" "Y-yes President. Sorry, Onoda." I don't know what that was about but okay. Her calling Rindou in her first name means she's close. That's a good thing for Rindou, she now has friends other than me and the other two. But is Haruko really a friend to her? "You can start now Ayase, I'll be taking care of Onoda-kun for his trial. How far are you now in that book?" "Uhm. Midway. When he was approached by another cub from another pride." "I see. Keep at it and give me your honest evaluation after you finish." "Y-yes senpai. Onoda, enjoy your time." Rindou said before she went to one of the empty seats at the back of the room. She once again brought out the book she was reading, The Lone Cub, and started immersing in it. "She's cute, isn't she? A new target?" Here's the real Haruko. She immediately dropped her act when we're alone. "No, I'm just trying to help her open up to others." "Ah. Typical Ruki-kun, a good guy at first but soon you'll reveal your claws." "Not really Haruko, I'm never a good guy." Haruko giggles at my response. "You're always like that. But remembering how you were when you first approached me. I will still think you're harmless. Who would've thought, right? Well, let's go to that corner, we might disturb them if we talk here." She pointed at where she came from, there's a lone table there and two chairs. There is a teapot and a lone teacup above the table. And behind the table is a thick white cloth that is covering whatever is in that wall. "What? Surprised? You're not gonna ask me anything?" "I cut you off Haruko, shouldn't it be you who will ask me why?" "Ah, you're right. But I already knew why so there's no point in asking." This girl. We sit at the chairs and she pours me a tea to the only teacup on the table. She then hands it to me. "Thanks. Well, if you won't ask then there's no point in saying anything too." I accept the tea and drink it immediately. "Yep, you're Ruki-kun. You never change. You never bothered about trivial things like the teacup is mine or we might have an indirect kiss." How could I even bother about that when I already tasted everything about you? This girl. She didn't change too. I'm just wondering why she is here at this school and why she is in this Book Club. "Well, you offered it. It's a shame to refuse." "That's what I miss about you." Haruko giggles again. She rests her elbows on the table and cups her cheeks with her hands all the while staring at me. Like a girl admiring a precious thing for her. She's still this beautiful, that long black hair of hers with a purplish hue and a side tail never change. That's her signature.  "You miss me?" "Yes, I am waiting here for a year. I know you'll run away from the nearest high school. I guess I got lucky that you picked this school." "Why?" "Isn't that obvious? I want you like how you wanted me before." "What do you mean?" "I'm gonna steal you away from your secret desire." "And how?" "Well, I never think that far." As expected. It's still the same. This girl, she wanted to imitate me, but not of me stealing girls, but she wanted to steal me and become only hers. It's not love or anything close to that emotion. Maybe. I didn't really get it at that time. I cut her off because of that. But yeah, the most important reason was that she broke up with her boyfriend. Now I feel embarrassed about the other girls I cut off with a simple reason as that. I didn't regret it all though since I understood now that I was interpreting my secret desire wrong. "You also never change." "Well, I do. Look, my breasts are bigger now." She then grabs her breasts and lifts it up the table for me to see. Ah, yeah, that's certainly bigger than I remembered. She's only B cup back then now it's D. It's on par with Kanzaki's. "Wanna see?" Haruko giggles again as she unbuttons her uniform. "Isn't it better for me to touch it?" "Ah! You're right. Here, come and touch it." "But that still won't ignite my desire." "Tsk. I know. You still never change. I'm having a hard time liking anyone now. Because of you, I turned like this. This is your fault." Haruko pouted and she went back to her previous state. Cupping her face while staring at me. The unbuttoned ones stay the same though. I can see her pink b*a and her cleavage peeking out of her uniform. I can't deny I miss indulging myself in those. "I still remember you still like the Vice President before I cut you off." "Well, yes, how can I forget him? He's not like you. But he found out I've turned this naughty so he hates me now. Another one of your faults." Eh? Why is she listing things and saying it's my fault? I can't deny that though but there's nothing I can do. Do I have to feel guilty? I don't know. "But do you still like him?" "Yes. I like him but I want you. And well, I like you more than him now. I don't even remember until you mentioned him." This girl. How should I deal with her? If she still likes him then she's in my strike zone but she also likes me. And now more than her ex. Haa.  This girl, she always wanted to monopolize me back then that she even admitted me to the student council. I couldn't satisfy my desire that way so I still sneak away from her to get more. She found out but she couldn't do anything. "But that can't be realized if you don't know how you can steal me away from my secret desire. No matter what you do, I'll still look for more targets to steal. Just like before." "I know that much. That's why I prepared presents for you." Huh? Presents? Now she lost me. I don't know what she's thinking at all. What happened to her after I cut her off? She's not like Yae who waited for me before she confronted me with her feelings. "Don't look that surprised Ruki-kun. Can you guess what's behind this cloth?" Haruko pointed behind her. Well, a wall? Probably. It's no use answering if I don't know the answer. "What?" "You're no fun. Won't even try to guess?" "Not a wall." Of course, it's not just a wall otherwise she won't have me guess it. If it's a present then that's probably a door. The next room? It's connected? "How did I even come to like you? You're always like this." "I never said you should. You know Haruko, we're going in circles." "I know. I just missed talking to you like this. It's been a year Ruki. A year. And I still want you. I still like you that I want to have you be mine. If I could I would've already tied you up and confine you in my room." I see. She tried forgetting about me. All those talks about waiting for me here were truths mixed with lies. Now that I show up here before her eyes, her feelings reignited.  What should I do to this girl? Haa. I'm here for the trial but seeing her here I can guess that this is the real purpose of inviting me here. Rindou doesn't have any idea that I know her club president.
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