More Unnecessary Attention

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We're now in the Gymnasium lined up like cadets on a training field. Well, it looks like all our expectations about PE was shattered. The PE teacher who looks like she came from the Military is currently lecturing us about discipline. She let us stand here without moving while listening to understand discipline. If one of us sits or loses their posture, even accidentally, everyone will get a collective punishment of 2 push-ups. It only looks small but if 10 of us violated it then everyone would do 20 pushups. That's how scary collective punishment is. Those who have low endurance are already shaking on their legs. A little bump will make them tumble. Even so, they're holding on. It has already been 20 minutes since the start of her lecture and finally, she's already at her closing speech. "...And that is why you need to understand discipline. Do you all understand?" "Yes!" Everyone shouted. "Okay. At ease." Feeling like released by a chain binding them, almost everyone stumbles down. "Onoda. How can you still stay standing?" Sakuma behind me asks. "Well, isn't it just standing still?" "I can't believe you. Ah. I'm getting dizzy again." Then a loud clap resounded. "Now that's enough resting. Boys to the left and girls to the right. Go!" "Hey, come here." I pulled Sakuma up and dragged him to the designated location. Not far from us, Satsuki is doing the same to Rindou. At least that girl managed to hold on for 20 minutes despite her looking that meek. Satsuki met my gaze and her lips moved, she's saying something like 'Take care of that i***t'.  We were mixed with the Class 3 students and even for them, they suffered the same plight. Only a few who's athletic enough or have proper exercise everyday can barely stand and walk around, dragging our classmates who still find it hard to stand up. "Now look for a partner for each of you. Anyone. And do some light stretching together. I'm going to work your muscles today. Most of you are too stiff!" I guess I have no choice but to be this i***t's partner. "Oi. Can you stand now Sakuma?" "Wait. Give me a minute." He still felt weak from passing out earlier. Now that he's being forced to exhaust himself, it's no wonder he felt dizzy again. I was about to support him to stand up when someone tapped my shoulder. I looked back and saw Tadano and Ogawa behind him. Ah. As I expected. This hot-headed guy is holding a grudge. Why are you reacting extremely when you're not the one she likes? I don't know about Ogawa, he's probably just being dragged by him. This indecisive bastard. What do girls find in him anyway? His good looks? Or the fact that he's like this that they found him adorable? Wait for it and I'll show him something interesting when I get my hands on Andou. "Do you mind?" Tadano asks. He's once again trying to intimidate me. That's not going to work, okay? I met scarier people than you before. Hell, Andou is scarier than the two of you combined. "What?" "You scared?" "Huh? Look. Try and be polite if you're asking something." Accepting Andou's offer, I already considered this kind of hostility. And I'll be sure to do more to get that indecisive bastard into a panic. His main protagonist halo might be scary but it's only troublesome and not impossible to have my way out. "What is this Onoda? When did you get into their bad side?" Sakuma asks, alternating his gaze between us. He suddenly gets energized when he sees the scene where I stand off to Tadano. "Andou said she likes me." "What the hell man? Really? That Andou? What about you?" "I said I like me too." Sakuma bursts out laughing. "You're hilarious Onoda. No wonder he's that pissed." Ah yeah. You'll be pissed as well if you find out what I and Satsuki were doing while you were sleeping. "Are you done?" "Ah. Okay, I guess, let me accompany this impolite guy. Ogawa, can you take care of Sakuma for me?" I stand up and walk towards Tadano. He's still glaring at me. "Huh? Okay." Ogawa nods. Well, that's what they planned for anyway. "At least you've got guts." "Huh? What do you mean? It's just a light stretching. Don't put a big deal on it." "Don't cry when it hurts then." "Ah. Then, I will say the same." Since my secret desire manifested, I also started training my body. Well, it's not to the extreme, I just always made sure my body will be in the most optimal condition. With my plans of stealing someone from another, there were times where I have to exert some muscles. Some of them had those hot-headed guys like Tadano around, so even if I am cautious, trouble will still come looking, albeit I settle everything behind the scenes. Giving them lessons that I am not someone they could just trample. All those happened before I started making a move with the target so after gathering their attention like that and having them fear me, I will switch to a plan that won't let me be noticed by them again. They might have thought that I distanced myself from the girl when in fact I found another way to get through her without them knowing. That's how I stayed obscure throughout middle school. But yeah, with a girl like Andou, I guess I won't be able to be as obscure like that anymore. Let's just do this moderately. "Hey, hey. Something is happening there." The guys around be it from Class 1 or 3 who heard our exchanges gather around us. They already started doing their stretches but when they heard something that interesting, they all looked closely. Ah, this unnecessary attention. It's only temporary, temporary. I muttered that to myself. Why is it this hard to maintain my Classmate A status in high school? Is this the difference between it and middle school? At least, I'm learning new things and realizing things I never thought before. Well, if I could guess what it is, this should be what they call 'growing up'? "Your turn first." Tadano says. Well, it doesn't matter who goes first. What the hell is he doing turning a simple exercise to a spectacle? Probably that PE teacher already got wind of what was happening. Look, even the girls are looking over. I see Satsuki glaring at me. Maybe because I left Sakuma at the side. This girl is turning to a doting mother. Rindou looks at me with worried eyes. Then there's Andou who's enjoying what she's seeing. Mori, who's her partner, only took a glance before searching for Ogawa's figure not far from us. Kanzaki couldn't be bothered, this diligent girl is doing the stretches earnestly. The Class 3 girls also turned their attention to us, there's a few cuties and beauties with them and the one that stands out the most is probably that girl in the rumours. If I remember correctly, she's called Itou Maaya, one of the boys in Class 3 spread it. From one mouth to another's ears, it reached me in a blink. She had that elegance you can only see from those sheltered princesses. An Ojou-sama Type? Now I doubt her dating someone. She's one of those types who look down at people. Her family is probably rich enough that she always has a chaperone from going to and from school. Of course, this is just my initial observation, I need more information to confirm whether she can be targeted or not. She might not be dating anyone but there's still the possibility of her liking someone. I sit down at the mat with both of my legs stretched out. Tadano who looks like he is eyeing a prey, positions himself behind me. Light stretches only consist of the one from behind pushing or pulling someone's limbs and spine to make it creak and see how far one can go. It's just a warm-up for the actual exercise that PE teacher planned. After doing everything he can and not getting any reaction from me, Tadano gives up from doing anything more. When it's his turn, I contemplate giving him a pain where he will cry out or just a slight pain where his face will contort to an ugly state. I'm not that cruel so I chose the latter. It's more enjoyable for me to take the girl he likes for myself which is Andou. Ah. That got me excited. Seeing the conflict end like that with a clear winner, my name gets passed around and it reaches the girls from Class 3 too. Ah damn. More unnecessary attention. The students soon lose their interest from us and so is the PE teacher. Well, she's another married woman with an attractive face but hearing her talk about discipline for 20 minutes, she sounds like trouble. I'd rather get abused by Shio's violent side than deal with her. After that sideshow we made, the Physical Education class resumed. Surprisingly, the next exercises the PE teacher prepared isn't as hellish as standing still for 20 minutes without moving any muscles. The PE class ended after another hour. The class duration is 1 hour and a half taking up the whole 5th period and half of the 6th. We were then given the 30 minutes left to rest. Starting next week there will be 2 days of Physical Education every Tuesday and Friday to satisfy the 3 hours per week of the school's curriculum. "Onoda. I didn't know you're that fit, even that Tadano lost to you." Fukuda of the delinquent group approached me. We are currently in our locker room to change back to our uniforms. They are also watching earlier so he probably thought they could pull me in their group. "Huh? Not really, I only regularly exercise, it's not exceptional." "Heh. Don't be too humble. We know that Tadano since middle school and he's someone who can't take a loss. He might come after you again." "It's fine. He can come. If it's just him, I can handle him myself. But yeah. I don't want any unnecessary attention so.." Fukuda laughs at my response. "You're an interesting guy Onoda. I guess you're more than meets the eye. If you need any help then don't hesitate to turn to me." Ah. As if. I'm already mixed up with that troublesome group, I don't want to add another. Unless they can show me something that will interest me, like someone to steal from them. Only then will I approach their group. "Got it. Just if. It's better to be in peace, you know?" "I know, I know. But it's also great to stand out and have them fear you." No thanks. I won't be able to satisfy my secret desire by standing out. It will also give me limited mobility around the school. Anywhere I go there will be someone recognizing me so no, I don't need that. It's always better to be the Classmate A, an observer and an obscure character. Fukuda then left my side when he finished changing. Sakuma who's watching our exchange move to my side after. "Beware of that Fukuda. Their group has been surrounded by bad rumours since middle school." Sakuma warns me. "Of course. Who do you think I am? Do I look like a delinquent?" Sakuma felt relieved at my response. Haa. This i***t. Acting like a true friend while here I am, putting my hands on the girl she likes and I'm not regretting it. "I know you're that sensible. So Onoda, about Maemura." "What? Will you confess now?" "Huh? No. I felt like I lost some cool points from her earlier. You two brought me to the infirmary, right?" "Yes. You really look uncool." "Those seniors from the club really did a number on me. They got me drunk enough that I didn't know how I managed to go home." "That is why I hate athletic clubs. There are always those domineering seniors dragging their juniors around like they are their lackeys. Much better to be in the relaxed cultural clubs." "But Maemura, she always watches me when I'm playing soccer." Oh? So this is why. He's aware of her. He's doing soccer to be cool in front of her. Well, Satsuki is already head over heels for him, he doesn't need to show off anymore. I won't give him that hint though. Satsuki is mine. Even if she always longs for Sakuma, she'll only be mine. "Don't you think she already likes you?" Let's give him some hope at least. "Huh? No way. Look at what she did, she only felt responsible earlier, I only remember that she kicked my seat that's why I collapsed." "You don't remember anything?" "No. When I woke up, the school nurse told me what happened." Ah. So the school nurse went back to the infirmary but she left again letting me have some time alone with Shio. Huh? Is she secretly my guardian angel? First with Satsuki and then with Shio. No way. That's just both coincidence and I'm thankful for it. "I see. Maemura fed you the vitamins though. She looks worried." "Ah. I wish I was awake. I could take advantage and ask her to nurse me." Sadly, if you woke up, you would see a different scene.  "I'll tell Maemura what you just said." "Oi. Wait. Don't. Aren't you my friend? Don't betray me like this!" No. I am not. But yeah let's let him think like that, it's easier for the three of us. Ah. Four. Let's include Rindou too, that girl needs a circle of friends.
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