Infirmary Again *

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"Your fantasy, you can let it out on me." I say to Shio. She was surprised when I grabbed her hand, preventing her from leaving. "Yesterday, you left just like that. And now you're doing this?" "I'm sorry. You asked for my thoughts. That wouldn't change." "My husband, he's here right now." Really? Then. Where is he? Should I show him how I steal his wife? Well, that wouldn't be possible if Shio herself hadn't come to terms with what I told her. "I see. Should I try stealing you from him now?" "You're still like that. Do you not feel threatened" "Why should I?" "This student, you're not afraid to fail? I'm his wife. It's not easy to steal me away from him." "Ah. Are you worried about me, teacher?" Is she? Does she think I will lose? Does she love her husband too much like how Satsuki loves Sakuma? Satsuki probably has another reason why even after what we did, she still feels that way for him. But Shio, I don't know if I'm right but seeing how she indulged in her fantasies, she probably married her husband because of her fantasies as well. Otherwise, she wouldn't try to bait someone to become her new outlet of her fantasies. "I'm not. J-just." "Just what?" "Forget it. Let's not talk about that here. This isn't my room." I wonder what she wanted to say. "I see. You're right. But stay with me here for a bit?" Shio stares at me and sighs.  She then looks at her wristwatch. "He'll probably look for me." "Your husband?" "Yes." "You said he's your fiancee. Where did you first meet? "At this school." As I thought. Let's try if I can get a reaction. This girl is too indulged in her fantasies that she even married the outlet of her first fantasy. Remembering those manga and light novels on her shelf, she doesn't have a choice at that first fantasy, she's still a student. "Your teacher." "Huh? How did you know? You…" "Eh? I only guessed. But am I right?" "Onoda. Does your mouth need another sealing?" Ah. How did I trigger this violent side of hers? Damn. Ah, I see. It will trigger when it concerns her secrets. "I'll stop, teacher. Forget I ask." Shio gives another sigh. "You fool, why are you like this? I can't think of what to do to you." "Just let yourself be stolen by me." "As if you can. You're still young. There are more girls your age out there." "But I want you." "What do you know about me then?" "If I tell you, your violent side will trigger again. I want the soft-spoken side Shio." "E-eh? What are you talking about? Violent? Soft-spoken?" Ah. She doesn't know that she has those 3 personalities. This girl. Now that is her soft-spoken side getting confused. "There's also the Commanding side. Ah. We're not getting anywhere." I stood up, still holding her hands, I dragged her behind the curtains. "W-wait. I told you, we don't have time." "I remember, I haven't received my reward from yesterday Shio." Yes. The reward she's talking about yesterday. It got cut off when she got startled at hearing my thoughts. As if I'd let that go to waste. This is another chance to get to her before she considers what I said. I'll make her understand how serious I am at stealing her. I got my motivation back when I heard Akane's voice. Ah. I'm hopeless. She's special, but here I am again, working on one of my targets. If she knew what I'm doing now, what would she think? She sounded so happy that I called her after all. Do I have to be this cautious of what she thinks now? No. My secret desire and her being special to me isn't the same, just like earlier with Satsuki, even after realizing all that I still r****h her. So that emotion really isn't love. It's something else. Will Akane have an answer? I don't know, for now, Shio's here with me. "R-reward? You, you already got it." "That's not enough Shio, I want more. I want to feel you." "After all that I told you. You're really something Onoda." "Is that a praise from my Shio?" "Y-you, I'm not your Shio." "Yet." "Ugh. You're not giving up. Come here and let me seal your mouth." Shio sits down at the bed and spreads her arms. Now we're talking. Well, I just pushed her until she gave up. But if I don't, she will leave and look for that husband of hers. I don't really have an experience with a married woman, how can I successfully steal her? I jump at her arms, instantly burying myself to that huge mountain of hers. I felt this yesterday, I want to feel this more today.  "You're like a child jumping to your mother's embrace. Ruru." "I don't want you to be my mother Shio. It didn't feel right if I'm set on stealing you." "How silly. You know, that book I was reading, there was also a scene like this." Ah, here she is again. She's getting inside her fantasy. I have to pull her out before she indulges herself further. "But I bet the character in that novel won't do this Shio." I slipped my hands below her shirt. It travelled upwards until it settled on her mountains still covered by her b*a. I grabbed it and started massaging them both. I looked up to her and saw her face turning red, her l**t slowly showing up. "Y-your hands. Huaa. Yes. He doesn't do this. The guy is always afraid. Unlike you, you're too naughty." She leans her head down aiming her lips to mine. I didn't shy away from it and welcomed her luscious lips with mine. My hands that were on her breasts searched for her n*****s, rubbing it on top of her b*a, slowly stimulating it. "And you're more naughty than that teacher in the book. She won't take initiative to kiss, right?" Our lips met each other and her tongue immediately followed. I suck on it, entwining my own tongue with hers. "Yes. She won't. They're like children playing house." Slowly, I'm denying her fantasies. Making her aware that the reality with me is better than it. We keep on kissing each other. When she pulled back her tongue, I then went to her neck ravishing it with my lips and tongue. My hands already felt her n*****s erected. I couldn't wait to see her breasts n***d in front of my eyes. "Shio. I'm pulling your shirt up, I wanna see." I whispered at her. She only nods at me in response, her face now is that of a woman drowning in l**t. Pulling her shirt up, I saw her smooth navel then above it are her hidden mountains still covered by her b*a. The sight of it made me gulp my saliva, hers is really big, she boasted an E cup and her b*a isn't padded at all. I once again sank my impatient hands on it. Feeling the shape of it and seeing it spilt out from the gaps of my fingers. "Don't be shy now Ruru. Take the b*a off too. They're yours today." Her voice stimulated my desire to conquer her. I immediately removed the b*a, pushing it up. And right then her n***d breasts spill out, exposing everything to my eyes. My fingers immediately went on the erect n*****s and my head unconsciously went down to one of it, taking it inside my mouth. "Aauuhh. Ruru. More. Do more to it." Her voice encouraged me to start sucking on it, the smell, taste and size of her n*****s further stimulated me. Using my tongue, I nibble on her erect n****e, playing on it inside my mouth while my other hand continues to pinch the free n****e that is waiting for its turn. The thought of her husband possibly looking for her further stimulated my secret desire filling my excitement to the brim. "Huaa. It's good. Hauu... Suck on it more Ruru." Her arms are now at the back of my head, hugging it tightly, letting me drown on this soft paradise of her body. The other n****e didn't wait for its turn for long, after teasing the first one, I immediately did the same thing to it. "Shio. Feel me. I'm already hard." She followed what I said, one of her hands fell on top of my pants. "I-it's true."  Her soft-spoken side whispers, she's afraid to leak out a louder voice, afraid that someone who will pass by the corridor will hear her. Though afraid, she didn't hesitate to unzip my pants taking out my erect c**k from it. "T-this big thing. What do you want me to do with this?" "You know what men want Shio. Use these huge assets of yours. I want to feel my c**k between these." I answered as I continued teasing her n*****s. Be it grabbing, massaging, caressing. I imprinted the shape of her breasts into my memory and she will remember how I violated these two. "Uuhh. You're really a p*****t Ruru. Making your teacher do this." Though Shio said it like that, her body betrayed her words as it moved and kneeled in front of me. Her eyes were in a daze looking at my c**k. She held it in her hand and started stroking it. When she memorized its shape, her head moved with her tongue in the lead, she started to lick it from the base up to the tip, sucking the precum that started to accumulate. I watch her work in earnest. Savouring every amount of pleasure she's giving me. Once she's done lubricating my c**k with her saliva, she lifted her two soft mountains and put my fully erect c**k between them. Shio looks up to me, the l**t on her eyes is leaking out, that just her putting my c**k between her breasts made it twitch like it's about to burst out. The sensation of it is different from a girl's p***y. I nodded at her and she understood. She started to squeeze my c**k between her breasts and started stroking it with it. Her titjob was so pleasurable that I started humping my hips to better feel it. Seeing me going out of control, Shio put the head of my c**k that was sticking out. Sucking it and continuing her titjob, I soon realized that this pleasure she's giving was too much. Too much that I couldn't resist moaning in pleasure.  Her sucking started to use her tongue, circling it around the tip that further stimulated it. The speed of her titjob increased faster and faster as her hold on my c**k squeezed tighter. From all those stimulations, it didn't take long before my c*m built up on the tip. I tried to hold it in from bursting out without giving her a warning. "Shio. Ahhh... I'm cumming!" Hearing that she even turned fiercer at what she's doing using everything to give me more pleasure. Because of that, I couldn't hold it in any longer. When I felt that it's already useless to hold, I thrust my hips upwards, pushing my c**k deeper inside her mouth and shooting every semen my c**k prepared inside it. "Uhhmpp!" Shio didn't let go of my c**k, taking in everything I've shot. I saw her cheeks bloated before she gulped down and it turned back to normal. She then continues on sucking the tip. Only when she can't suck any leftover semen did she let go of it. She then looked up at me with bright eyes, she opened her mouth and showed me it's inside, bits of semen are still visible from it. "H-how was it?" She asks like she's waiting for praise from me. "It's amazing Shio. It felt really good." And that was the truth. To think that she will do what I ask and it's not her drowning in her fantasies. It's her of this reality. Ah. I'm successful at pulling her out of it but I'm still far from truly conquering her. "Naughty Ruru. You let out a lot. It would've been bad if some of it spilt out." She said as she fixed her clothes, then my pants, tucking my c**k back in and pulling the zipper up. She then went out of the curtain, taking the water glass I drank from earlier and drank the leftover water from it. "You should go back to class now. It's almost time. How's your headache?" This beautiful married teacher of mine is truly interesting. And she even asks about my headache. Well after cumming, it's manageable now. Or was that the effect of the medicine? I don't know. Shio's titjob is the best. I stood up and closed our distance. I took her lips into a kiss once more. "Thank you, Shio. You already sucked my 'head'ache away." "This student, don't just kiss me like that. Someone might see us from the corridor." She blushed and acted like she's pushing me away. "Yes yes, I understand. I'll go back then. Remember, I'm going to steal you from your husband." "I dare you to try Ruru. Go now. That guy will soon look for me." "Don't let him touch you again." "Say that after you succeed at stealing me from him." "Look forward to it." I smiled at her and gave her firm butt a squeeze which she responded by doing the same to me before leaving the infirmary.
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