I Want You (2)

1592 Words

After about a minute of silence, Shizu-senpai replied to what I said, "… I told you my thoughts about that." "And I decided to respect it. You shouldn't sell yourself short by trying to reward me. I'm helping you on my own volition, senpai." I let go of her hand when it stopped trembling and went to pick up the papers she already finished working on earlier to organize it. "This is for the Cultural Festival, right. Why are you already working on this?" At first, she was troubled at how to answer me but when I abruptly changed the topic to the work she was doing, Shizu-senpai fixed her glasses and the way she was seated before replying to my inquiry. "It's always better to be prepared. Besides I'm just tallying the empty rooms so we could rent it to those who will need more than just thei

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