The Wall Between Us

1574 Words

"This is cold again," I said after gulping down the tea from my cup after I finished telling her everything about my past that she wanted to know. Although I'm not expecting a great reaction, I still watched over Shizu-senpai's face as she continued to digest what I just told her. Her hand clasped on mine was already wet from our sweaty palms. Just like with Nami, there's a trace of shock in her face but ultimately, her eyes that were out of focus slowly rested on my face. "Onoda-kun. If what you said were all true… you would've been sent to prison once the authority was informed about it." "I'm aware, senpai. But I was careful enough to not leave a trace." Except for the evidence which I kept in my house. Also, none of the girls ever reported me. I'm not sure if it's because I treat

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