Nao's Day (1)

1677 Words

Although the kiss between us didn't last long, it was still Shizu's first kiss. Once it registered in her mind, she hurriedly pushed me to separate herself from me. I didn't make it hard for her and stepped away. Afterwards, Shizu dashed towards her seat and hid her crimson face using a folder she picked up somewhere on her table. "Shizu." I remained standing from where I was and called out to her. "Shut up, Ruki. That was my first…You took advantage of the situation…" Although she's extremely embarrassed right now, she still responded to me. She kept the folder to cover the entirety of her face while allowing her eyes to stare at me. "That I did. I can't help it when you're that lovely, my lips just moved on their own. I'm sorry." This girl's cuteness is going through the roofs. Ho

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