Nao's Day (2)

1624 Words

While I was contemplating my new mistake when it came to her, Nao put down her phone and rested her head on my shoulder. I can't clearly see her expression but the way she took my hand to put her hand on it… she's somehow filled with uncertainty. After a while, Nao's voice filled with melancholy entered my ears. "We never truly talked about this as I always evaded whenever you question me or you're backing out whenever we reach this topic… But I think this is the right time to talk about this, Ruki." Although it sounded unclear, I'm aware of what she's talking about. It is the entirety of what happened to her that she ended up in a relationship with that man. Locking our hands together, I felt the coldness on her palm and the rapid beating of her pulse. At this moment, Nao decided to

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