One Hour with Aoi *

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"You girls..." "We can't help it, husband. What if Nikaido suddenly pounces on you?" Where is your mind headed off to, wife? "I'm not that kind of girl!" "You say that but you also want to be stolen." Aoi. She's just asking. I don't think she meant it. Or does she? "Ah. I'm just asking. I didn't mean it." "You keep asking how to connect to Ruki-senpai. You asked 2 times." Uh. Ria. Why did you count that? "T-that is!" "Okay, enough, girls. I asked for a favour from Nikaido. Don't be too rude to her. And she was helping you too, for me to understand you better." "Thank you Onoda." "No, I'm sorry for these girls." "Ruki. It's my 1-hour with you now." "Err. Right, there's that." The prize for the UNO winner I haven't agreed on. Well, it's good too, we can talk better this way. "Ah! Let's continue playing to determine who's next to get her 1-hour" "Then, we'll be going upstairs." Aoi grabs my hand and starts to drag me up the stairs "Eh? Why upstairs?" "Nikaido, what will a man and woman do if they're alone in a room?" No. Akane, don't tell that to a pure girl like her. "Study?" "Eh? Nikaido-senpai is pure. What's this? I used to be like her." Sorry, Ria. I tainted your pureness too early. But I couldn't help it when I found you. "Huh? Why? Don't tell me…" "Right, it's about what you're just talking about with husband." Akane, you got her flustered again. Nikaido's face now looks like it's going to explode from confusion but all of a sudden it suddenly looks sharp. "Uh. If I win, will I also get 1-hour with him alone?" "As if. We wouldn't let you win. The loser will just go home." Eh? Aren't you against it? "I'll do my best!" "Eh? I thought you didn't mean it? Turns out you really want Ruki-senpai for yourself." What's happening? Why are you girls hard to understand sometimes? I thought I already made it clear to Nikaido. What will she do if she wins? Ah. Let's deal with it if it really happened. Aoi is humming happily as we go up the steps. This girl. What should I do with her? Since the time we met at the supermarket, she kept showing off her affection to me. Honestly, it's not that bad. It felt like how Akane wanted to be spoiled. Since my room where I always bring them is just the first door, she immediately opened it and pulled me inside. Without waiting for the door to close, Aoi clings her arms to the back of my neck, pulling me into a kiss. "Hey wait. Aoi." "No. Let me kiss you first." This girl. She's always this unruly. Doing anything she wants without thinking twice. "Do you want to be punished?" "Uh. No. But I miss you. I can't hold myself back." I guess I have to concede for now. She'll calm down after I let her do what she wants. "You unruly girl." Circling my arm on her waist, I pulled her in. When she felt that, she smiled and immediately did what she wanted. Her lips reached mine and it didn't show any restraint. If her kiss earlier in the supermarket was just a peck, this time she let herself loose. Sucking in my lips, biting it a bit. Everything she wanted to do, she did. Then her tongue left her mouth and entered my mouth to find my tongue, which she instantly did. Both of our tongues still tasted like the ice cream we ate after lunch. Hers was strawberry-flavoured while mine was chocolate. After a series of sucking each other's tongue, Aoi finally releases me. She then embraces me like someone she hasn't met for a while. "I thought I would not have any chance like this again." "That's what I thought as well. You're pretty angry that day " Then a sudden punch was delivered to my stomach. Though there's not enough power behind it. "I was really angry that day. But I said the complete opposite of what I wanted to say." "Ugh. I know. I heard from Akane." And another punch. "I also wanted to do this since that day. You, suddenly making a decision like that." "Ugh. I know. I'm sorry, I didn't think about what you really wanted at that time." And another. "Don't ever do that again. I love you. I know I hated you at first but I love you now." "I won't. I'll ask for your opinion now. I stole you, you're my responsibility now. But you should continue hating me, you know." And another punch, this time with considerable force. Err. If this continues, I might throw up what I've eaten. "i***t. How can I? You... You don't know what you did. And I won't tell you, I want you to remember it by yourself. But I've come to love you. More than him." "You all know I can't feel that emotion. Why do you have to fall in love?" This time, no punch came. Instead, she pulls me into another kiss. It's not like earlier, it's a kiss full of her emotion just like Akane that morning. That kiss where she wanted to convey everything to me. "Can you feel it? Do I have to explain why? Like Nikaido said, liking or loving someone, there's always that unexplainable factor. No matter how I tried to explain, we wouldn't get it. I only know I have this emotion towards you. You can reject it but I'll just throw it back to you." "I see. You're right. I just had that talk and I'm about to forget again. Aoi. The very moment I stole you, you became mine. My mind was very narrow back then. Only thinking of satisfying my desire so a lot of things passed unnoticed by me." "Then what do you intend to do now? Will you ask now if I wanted to be cut off from you? You already know the answer." "No, I'll ask you to become mine again. Not all of you who I've stolen came back chasing after me, it meant they accepted, they also wanted to be cut off from me. But you, Ria and everyone else who will come, I will accept you all." I can't really say I knew about that group. It's better that way. They can talk among themselves. Accepting them all though. Will it be fine? Some of them might be like Yae. Ah. Right, Yae. I hurt her. That's one more thing I have to fix. I decided, I'll meet her tomorrow. "I'm always yours. You don't have to ask that. Just prove it with your actions. I know I can't have you to myself, even Akane can't, but don't forget me. That guy asked me for a date today but I refused, I chose to be here with you instead." "Right. You're always mine. I can't let you stay here with me like Akane. She, she's special and I can't change that. That's what I wanted. But I won't neglect you, that thing you just said, it does indeed ignite my desire just now. You can feel it but you don't have to force yourself anymore. Even if you break up with him, you're still mine." True it did ignite my desire. Thinking about that guy enthusiastically asking her girl for a date but she rejected and instead chose to come here. Damn, that's truly exciting. It filled up my desire. This girl purposefully said that because that's how she can excite me. That's how it always is if I'm the same as back then. But I can't force her to maintain that relationship anymore. I shouldn't. Still, it will be her own decision. Last night, I said I don't want our parents forcing our decision on us then I have to stop doing that as well. There will be more ways to satisfy my desire. More targets I can steal. They already suffered back in middle school, it's time for me to reward them. Well, Haruko is a bit different, she wanted to satisfy my desire as well as heal her heart through those girls. And in turn, she's helping them. That's admirable. And that's what she has chosen to do, not by my urging. About Rindou though, I might change her life by asking Haruko to make her fall, but like Satsuki, I wanted to steal her as well. That was my initial goal anyway, opening her up to give her the courage to date someone, I'm just quickening up the process. I'm bad, I know. I'm this hopeless when it concerns my desire. "Really? You won't throw me away if I break up with him? Fujimura-senpai, she…" "Yes, I won't. You'll still be mine Aoi. About Yae, when she met me, my outlook is still the same. I hurt her. I'll make it up to her. If she still feels the same, I will also accept her. She's one of my most precious stolen girls before." "Then I'll break up with him. But then how can I get that desire of yours to kick off?" "It doesn't matter. I think I can get hard normally and we can just look for another way for me to satisfy my desire. Like, do you think it will be exciting for me to have you as mine when there will be a lot of guys wanting to date you?" Yes. This solution. It might work. It's still in the range of stealing. They don't know that she's already claimed by me. No matter how hard they try, she will be mine. Ah. There. I can feel it. My desire is getting filled up. Aoi's hands travelled down my body and it settled over my bulging erection. Her face then turned red, realizing how bold she has become. But she never takes her hand away, instead, she starts unzipping it. "Uhh. It's true, you're hard here. Those boys can just keep dreaming, I'm yours and will always be. Those slutty students thought that having many boys for themselves is great but devoted to only one and to someone you love is much better. They can never know." "But I can't feel love and you're not my only one Aoi. Is that fine?" Her hand then entered my pants, pulling down the underwear containing my c**k. She almost trembled when it came out but her hand immediately gripped it on hers. "It doesn't matter. I know what I'm getting into. I only have 1 hour with you Ruki and minutes already passed. I want you…" "If you show me that face, I won't be able to hold back, you know. Let's use our remaining time then. I'll show you how I wanted you to be mine." She started stroking my c**k and slowly, she kneeled in front of it. She looked up at me, her eyes asking to give her permission to do what she wanted down there. With that lustful face she's now showing, how can I reject? I nodded at her. Having gotten my permission, she started her work, raising my c**k, she started l*****g my balls then slowly traveled up to that raging erection. Coating it with her saliva. She savours the taste of my c**k. When she reaches the tip, her tongue then licks every corner of it, cleaning it, marking it with her saliva. Her eyes never stopped looking at me, watching my reaction. Just looking at those eyes fills me with more eagerness and with the thought of her soon to be ex-boyfriend trying to contact her, my desire fills up. It's too exciting for me. The pleasure she's giving me is too much, I want to make her feel good too. After she finished l*****g, her mouth opened taking in my c**k in her mouth. The tightness her mouth has is still how I remembered it. Her head then starts moving, sucking my c**k in and out of her mouth. A drizzle of saliva slowly started to fall to my room floor from her mouth. With the use of her mouth and tongue, my c**k keeps on twitching in pleasure. I put my hand on top of her head, stopping her. Pulling her up from her shoulder, I take her lips to a kiss. "Why did you stop me?" "Let's do it on the bed. I want to eat you too Aoi. I want to make you feel good." I took off all her clothes turning her n***d and she did the same thing to me. My desire to have her was further incited as I took in her figure that I haven't seen for a while.  While still kissing and groping each other, we slowly drifted down from the door to the bed. I then lay myself first and she climbed on top of me right after. She stood with her already drenched p***y right on top of my face and slowly descended until it settled right on top of my mouth. Without hesitation, I gobbled up her p***y, sucking the juices that were gushing out, satisfying my thirst for her which made her start to moan in pleasure.  Using my free hands, I spread her slit open, revealing her clit that was hidden. With a thought to tease her, I took it in my mouth and sucked it in hard which made more of her love nectar spray on my face. "Huuaa... It's been months since I felt this. Uuuhm… More, Ruki. Fill up the months I didn't see you." While moaning like that, she leaned her body down to reach the still erect c**k that she lets go earlier. Opening her mouth, she took it in once again and her head started moving up and down, pushing her head further at every descent.  Because of the different angle, the pleasure of it is different from earlier nonetheless it's still a pleasure she wanted me to feel. Minutes passed as we kept on eating out each other, trying to beat the other to c*m first. But we soon gave up, with both of our minds filled with l**t, I sat up while she turned her body around, facing me. I started kissing her neck, sucking hard on the erogenous zone I discovered before. It made her twitch in more pleasure as she started rubbing my c**k on her p***y. Both being coated by our saliva, my c**k slides easily on her that further stimulates us. My lips after leaving a hickey on that erogenous zone went down to her breasts, it's neither small nor large. If I cup it with my hands, it fits perfectly. Staring at the erect n*****s, I didn't hesitate to tease the two inside my mouth. Sucking and biting it. Alternating between her n*****s, it made her hips move faster until it reached the point where the tip of my c**k accidentally entered her hole. "Aahhn! You're inside. Haauuaa... You're coming inside." When I felt my c**k entering her, I didn't hesitate and also moved my hips up, easing it to fully enter her hole. Her insides suddenly tightened when she felt my c**k and her hips grew more violent. Her slightly perky butt started it's work, pounding herself to my c**k. More moans of pleasure from her rang out of the room. Filling it with her naughty voice who felt like she's so happy to be f****d up by me. The sitting position soon got Aoi tired and she almost slowed down to a stop but was saved by my hand who came to support her. After that, she resumed her pounding, at every move of her hips, my c**k reached her deepest part. Soon, even I can't hold myself back. Putting her back down to the bed, my turn to pound her with my c**k started. "Hey, Ruki. Huaau… I love you. Aaahh… More." Taking in every thrust of mine. Her p***y started contracting, trying to hold my c**k deep inside her. Every time she fails she will moan out and her love nectar will gush out, most of the time though she will c*m by herself from the pleasure. Every time she does, I keep my c**k deep inside her for a moment, feeling the movements her insides made whenever she cums. It's like a lemon being squeezed out of its juice. From missionary position, I turned her around, making her lie face down. From that position, I inserted my c**k once again, with her butt slowly rising up at every thrust. Soon enough, my c*m buildup couldn't be contained anymore. Pulling her by the arm, my hips move more vigorously trying to build up the momentum before spraying it all inside her. "Huaahh Ruki… I'm cumming again. Haaauuu uuhhh…" "Yes. I'm cumming too Aoi. Take it inside you." She didn't answer but instead, she left the control of her body to me. Pounding my c**k from behind her, I soon can't hold on anymore. With a final push, at the same time that her body twitched from the extreme pleasure, my semen spilled out inside her, filling every corner of it until it couldn't anymore. After that c****x, our bodies fell back down on the bed, with my c**k still inside her and me on top of her, another passionate kiss ensued. Suddenly, the door of the room opened and from it, Ria and Akane tumbled down again with Nikaido, seemingly in shock at what she witnessed stood still from behind them. These girls. I thought they were playing that game.
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