Ria and Dumb-senpai

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After putting our clothes back on, Aoi and I went out of the door. The three are out here waiting with Nikaido that's still in a bit of a shock. "So. Who decided to peep on us?" I alternated my gaze between Akane and Ria. "W-we didn't peep, husband. We're only trying to hear what you two are talking about." "Yes, Ruki-senpai. But we suddenly heard Aoi-senpai moaning." "Uh…" No, you don't have to say anything Nikaido. You're probably dragged here by them. "Did you girls like what you saw?" Aoi teased them while hugging me from the back. "Err. It doesn't matter. Husband has filled me up since last night." Akane, don't give details. "Eh? Unfair. It's my turn next, right Ruki-senpai?" "Too bad Ria, you didn't play and just peep at us. Ruki said I'm his again. I'm happy." Ah. Right. They didn't play. I'm freed from that 1-hour reward of them. "Good for you then Aoi, but I'm still special. You can't beat that." "Ugh. Don't flaunt that specialness of yours. You deserved that." Eh? I thought she would argue with Akane but I guess they're not that against each other. Aoi even approached her back then. "Uh. I'm…" "Nikaido, I'm sorry, you had to see us in that embarrassing state." Hearing my voice directed towards her, Nikaido got out of her shock. "Ah! No, Onoda. I mean. I'm sorry I peeped. True, they dragged me with them but I heard and saw that because I'm curious." "I see. But that's how it is. Our relationship. I can only hope you understand and the promise to not divulge the secret." "But Onoda. She's still someone's girlfriend." "I already told her she can break up if she wants to, I will still keep her as mine." "Eh? So… you'll be two-timing Shimizu?" "Nikaido, that's wrong. If it's someone he's stolen because of his desire, I'm fine with it. You see, I'm just special for him but he doesn't love me." Akane answers her question instead. "Err. Now I'm more confused." "You don't have to force yourself to understand. You can just think I'm not normal. "I see. If you say it like that, it definitely clears up the confusion." "Then let's go back down. Ria, I'll talk to you too. That's why I asked Akane if she can contact you." I know Nikaido is still confused but there's no point explaining everything to her. She's neither Akane nor someone I stole, she's just someone who got dragged here. It's already too much that she knew my secret. "Yes, Ruki-senpai! Let's eat ice cream again!" "Great idea Ria. I'm tired after that exercise with Ruki." Uh. Exercise. Well, we did sweat a lot. I guess ice cream for now. "Won't you shower first, husband? I'll join you." "Later, wife. There's still Ria." Yes. And it's kinda early for that. I'm sure if we go to the bath, it will become erotic again. Akane's too sexy to resist. "It's kind of unfair that Akane-senpai can call Ruki-senpai as husband." "Right. Should I call Ruki something else too? Like darling?" Err Aoi, that's how my mom calls my dad. We went back to the living room and turned the TV on. Akane took out the leftover ice cream from earlier and we started eating it. Nikaido still seems to be deep in thought. I don't know what she's thinking so I just let her be. Aoi is satisfied so she doesn't stick to me that much anymore. Now, only Ria and Akane are on both sides of me. I haven't checked my phone again. There are still those message requests I haven't seen and probably Otsuka-senpai's reply too. "So, husband. You took in Aoi. You'll do the same to Ria, right? And those other girls too?" "Yes. I have to be responsible, wife. I was wrong when I cut them off without consulting them if they wanted that. They're mine since the day I stole them." "You're slowly changing. You're not the Ruki before who only work towards satisfying his desire. But this is good too. Seeing you loved by many is like a stimulant for me as well. As long as they're not someone like Nikaido, if she wanted in, then steal her first." "Yes. But I will still continue targeting someone. There's a lot of girls I've marked in my class alone, and there's more outside. For Nikaido, I still don't know yet. She likes me. And she's good enough of a target but there's no reason if she can't ignite my desire." Yeah. Just in my class, there's Satsuki, Rindou, Andou, Kanzaki, Mori and Shio. And there's more to be targeted outside, like that Itou from Class 3 or even Fujii of Class 4. Then the 2nd years and 3rd years. Ah. I shouldn't think that far ahead. I just have to work those in my reach first. "Uh. So I have no chance unless I like someone else?" "Uhm. I'm still wondering why you wanted to be stolen by me Nikaido. You know I'm not normal." "I said I like you. I don't know either. Seeing them that eager to have you look at them made me like this. Maybe I don't want to lose? I can't understand." "Then you should not rush on your decisions. Think it through. Don't do something stupid like forcing yourself to like somebody just to give me a reason to steal you. I at least want it naturally." "I'll give you advice Nikaido, always talk to him or at least try to get his attention. Ah. I shouldn't talk about that here where he can hear, message me on Messenger." "I see. Okay. I'll message you soon." Eh? Aoi? What was that? Why do you want to give her advice? And now I'm curious about that. Haa. And this Nikaido, just after I told her not to rush on her decision. Girls are complicated. "Ruki-senpai I'll message you on messenger. You ignore our mails so at least there you can respond right?" "Right. Me too, darling. Don't ignore us again." Ah. They're right. I should stop ignoring those mails and calls, if they want it to be done in messenger then it's fine. But Aoi, why did you keep that way of calling me? Haa. Let her have her fun then. "Okay. You too, wife. Message me there. And Nikaido, if you need something, well, if I'm available, I will respond." "Uhm then Ruki-senpai, I'll call you Onii-chan?" "Eh? No. Don't do that. Pick something else. You can just keep calling me senpai." "I can't think of anything else. Okay then. Don't allow others to call you senpai affectionately." True that you're like a little sister with your stature but it's too much to call me Onii-chan when you're also my woman. Ah. Why am I against it? I guess I'm not degenerate enough yet. Like how I don't want to target my Mom or even Akane's mom. Err. I don't know about our relatives, I don't see them that much. After we finished our ice creams, Nikaido got up and excused herself. "Uhm. Then, thank you for having me. Onoda, Shimizu, I'll be keeping the secret and try to talk about your relationship. Ueno and Kusunoki, uh, I don't know if we can get along but please let's get along. I'll be relying on you Ueno and maybe you too Kusunoki." "Call me Ria. It's fine. Kusunoki is too long." "Then Ria. I'll be off then." Seeing her off, we all wave her goodbye. She knew the way home since she's from this neighbourhood too. It's a good thing that she decided to go home. Her head might explode if she stays any longer. I have a feeling that she'll keep her word. I don't want to deal with her. Plus she seems like she really wanted to be stolen by me. That girl. Haa. Let's deal with it if it really comes to that. I'm thankful for her words earlier that cleared up some of my doubts, maybe I'll really steal her as long as the reason is not forced. "Then you two, I'll be talking with Ria. Keep yourself busy and don't eavesdrop." "Understood, husband. I'll be doing the dishes." "I'll take a nap. You got me tired earlier, darling." These two. I guess I can leave them by themselves. I led Ria by hand and went upstairs. To my room. Err. It still smells a bit of our s*x earlier but I guess Ria won't mind it. "This room looks a little different than I remembered Ruki-senpai." "Ah. You're right. I took some of my things to our room." "Isn't this your room?" "Err no. I meant the room exclusively for me and Akane." Yeah. This room feels a little different now that I brought some of my things there. "Exclusive room for you two. Ah. That one in the photo. She's really that special. I thought she was just exaggerating it." "Yes. That girl, it doesn't matter if she loves me or not. It's a good thing that she loves me that much so there doesn't seem to be a problem." "Possessiveness? Am I right senpai? You want Akane-senpai to yourself and only to you. That's why you even ask Nikaido-senpai that favour." "I knew you would get it. Yes, it's like that. That's why I said she's special." This girl, she's always this sharp. Though she doesn't show it that much around other people. But when we're alone like this, she will feel more mature than how she usually acts. "What about me senpai? Am I not special enough?" "You are in a way but really, only Akane is like that." "I see. You know senpai, I thought of forgetting about you when you told me you're cutting me off." "Then why are you back here?" When I cut her off. She just nodded back then. There's neither indication of what she was really thinking at that time nor any change in her expression. "That's what I wanted to ask as well. Why am I this drawn to you?" "Err. Even if you ask me that. You're observant, you know how I acted before right?" "Yes. If I can describe how you were before, you're like a train with only one set of destination but it's endless. Yes, and you don't go back to the previous stations. But along the way, the passengers you picked up felt the comfort from riding you. Yes, some may have felt uncomfortable and left the train on the next stations at some point but those who stayed, they wanted to ride in it until the end. To see where the train will lead them. Me, I'm one of those who felt uncomfortable and tried to leave the train at one point. But when I looked at where I'm getting off, I felt scared, I got too used to the sight of the train. That's why I'm here right now and I can feel that the train is changing bit by bit. The previous uncomfortable feeling I had was easing up." "I see. So that train, he never checks his passengers before right?" Her analogy is so accurate that even I can understand it. This girl. "Yes. But now, he's checking every car, one by one. Seeing if it's comfortable for the passenger. Maybe there will still be some who will feel uncomfortable in the future but it's different than when it just started. That will be a problem of their preference by then." "Thank you, Ria. I guess you're too smart for me eh?" She's always this smart. And I'm always dumb. She even calls me Dumb-senpai when we're alone. "Dumb-senpai. I love you. Even when I blindly follow your commands before and it's too uncomfortable, it's not that extreme. I guess no one told you how or why they fall for you right? You even asked Nikaido-senpai about why she likes you." "Yes. Will you tell me then? What did I do to deserve your love?" I really want to know. Haruko and Aoi won't tell me but Ria. She's a bit different. She will surely tell me. "Uhm let's see. It's not even that big of a factor if someone looks at it. But yes, the way you're too attentive to me is the reason. You know, me being too observant was troublesome for others but to you, you don't feel like that at all. Especially when you're in the process of stealing me away. People tend to find me troublesome with only a few hours of contact but you, you neither said anything nor complain about me. Anyway, I don't like that guy that much, I'm just trying out to know what is that thing they called dating." "Right. I felt that you don't really care about your boyfriend. But really? Just me being attentive to you is the reason?" "See? Even you can't believe it. But for me, it is. No one treated me like how you treated me before. Allowing me to explore the things I wanted without finding me troublesome at all and that too. You taught me the pleasures of s*x. Though after you stole me, you started to neglect me bit by bit and you move on to your next target. That's why I felt uncomfortable. But whenever you're with me, you stay the same as I first met you." "I see. If that's what you felt then I guess that's really the reason. Thank you for telling me Ria. So now to answer your question, why are you drawn to me? I don't know if this is right but maybe it's the same as what Nikaido explained earlier. Some things can't really be explained no matter how we think about it." Yes. This girl. She's too smart to think about unexplainable things. But it being unexplainable became that hard for her. She thought that if she thinks hard enough, she will understand but in the end, she can't. "Ah. I guess that's really the reason. You're a bit smart now Dumb-senpai." "You're back at calling me like that?" "This is how I used to call you right? And you never get angry." Ria giggles at me. This girl is too cute. How can I get angry when she's like that? And she seemed to enjoy calling me like that. "Well, I am dumb. Look at how long it took for me to realize things." "Yes, you are. That's why I love you more now. Will you accept me again?" "Is that even a question? Come here. You're mine Ria." With a smile on her face, Ria jumps at my arms, burying herself on my body. She's still like a small child but she's mature enough to rival even those older than her. They thought her observant nature was too troublesome that's why they can't understand her. Well, I don't find that troublesome, not before, not now. That's what sets her to other people and that's what makes her unique. "I'll be breaking up with him then. I don't need him anymore. You already accepted me. Give me a kiss now Dumb-senpai. You said you'll give me one earlier." Ria looks up to me with her lips waiting for a kiss This girl. She's mine too. I'll be taking care of her from now on. I'm really dumb at trying to cut them off before. Pulling her body up, I planted my lips to hers. She's shaking and there's a bit of tear in her eyes. The kiss just stayed like that but it felt comfortable. "I thought of asking the same thing as Aoi-senpai but I guess I'll hold off for now." "What? You don't want me?" "Well, I do. But you look like you're tired already Dumb-senpai." "If it's for my Ria, then why not?" "Dumb-senpai, you're just horny for me right?" "Ah. I guess I can't really fool you." "Then show me how much you want me, Dumb-senpai. Ah. Right. This will be how I will call you from now on. Even if we're not alone, you'll be Dumb-senpai." "Call me any way you want Ria. Just not Onii-chan." Ria giggled again and then pulled me into another kiss. This time it's an intimate one where she shows me how much she really loves me. This girl. No, not just her, Akane, Haruko and Aoi too. I think I can slowly understand that emotion having them around. Projecting their love to me. Amidst the silence of the room, erotic air soon filled it. I guess I'm really horny for her right now that I didn't even think about my desire.
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