End of the Day *

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"Aahhhn… Dumb-senpai. It feels good. I miss being this close to you. Huuaaa." Along with Ria's moans are the sounds of meat hitting meat. Laying down on the bed, Ria is taking in my c**k inside her. At every thrust I made, her body will almost bend out of shape. I'm pulling her arms to let her stay in position while she spread her legs open to ease up my c**k that's diving and exploring her very tight p***y. Though undeveloped and there's not much figure yet, Ria is erotic enough for me to get hard even without thinking about igniting my desire. Just looking at that face of hers that's usually glimmering with light of how observant she is, now it's clouded by her l**t towards me. It's in stark contrast to how she really is outside. Turning her body around, I lifted her butt up and had her lean on the headboard of my bed. Putting my c**k inside her again, she almost squeals at the suddenness. She looks back to me, pouting. Ah. This girl. That pout of hers made me want to tease her more. Holding her butt in place, I started moving my hips, pounding her p***y from the back. Soon enough, her pout breaks with her mouth only leaking out her moans of pleasure. "Uuhhh… Dumb-senpai. Haauu… How did you turn me to be this naughty?" Pushing my c**k deeper at every thrust, Ria kept moving her butt to have me hit her sweet spots. And when that happens she'll squeeze my c**k tight, wanting it to stay there and f**k her more on that spot. It didn't take long for her to have her first c****x. Her body twitched and almost slumped back to the bed. I pulled her up and had her sit on me, with my c**k still buried deep inside her. Holding her from her hips, she started moving her body up and down. Slowly at first, it gradually rises in pace that she once again started to moan and in turn, I can also feel the pleasure of f*****g her like this. This small body of hers is tighter than most girls I had but she's naughtier than some. Just looking at her face like this, that l**t-filled expression made me more eager to f**k her harder. When I felt my semen about to burst out, I turned her body to face me, taking in her lips and everything about her. Ravishing her like that as we move rhythmically together. My hands cupped her butt, urging it to move even faster, which she did while locking her lips with mine. The room was then filled with muffled moans blocked by our kiss, the wet sounds made by the rapid movements of us and the creaking sound of my bed. Still locked in a kiss. I felt her p***y constricting, squeezing my c**k further, Ria's about to c****x again. And I can't say any different. I'm also about to c*m but our lips won't separate. We only have our eyes communicating with each other. With that, along with the faster movement of our hips, both of us climaxed, with her being the first. Her body bends backward as the lock of our lips was broken. Her moan from climaxing rang out loud inside the room. And me, feeling that movement that happened inside her, burst out right after. Spraying it inside her and because she moved her body a bit, my c**k slipped out and some of my semen sprayed on her body. "Hauuu. Dumb-senpai. Haah. You made me this dirty." Ria looking at her semen-stained body said in between her gasps. "Your fault Ria. You didn't hold it inside you." "Eh? Unbelievable Dumb-senpai. Take responsibility and wash me in the bath." "That's what I plan to do anyway." "Then carry me!" This girl, so you want to be spoiled as well. Cleaning her body with tissues first, I carried her like a princess with the bath as the destination. She's lighter than Akane but I'm sure she's not someone who will want to always be carried. Today is a special exception. But upon reaching the last step, Akane and Aoi are there, waiting for us. "As I thought, this will happen. Husband can't hold back even with a little girl like Ria " Err. She's only 1 year younger than you though? Just that her body is late at growing. And you knew we were doing it even before this. This girl. "Well, it's fortunate that darling has criteria to who he will target. Otherwise, he might not stop at just us." What do you take me for? This unruly girl. Haa. "Dumb-senpai will always be dumb. We don't have to worry about that." Even you Ria.  "You girls… Haa. Forget it. Let's take a bath? After this, I'll send you two to the station, Aoi and Ria." "I've prepared the tub, husband. It's already heated. We can get in now." "Will we fit in the tub? I want to get in with darling." "Of course, only me and Dumb-senpai will get in." Eh? You all want to get in. But it can't fit us all. "Okay girls, you three in the tub. I'll settle with showering." Just like that, we will spend the rest of the day in the bathroom. The three settled themselves at the tub while looking at me showering. Err. They all tried to get me to join them but it's really too narrow. In the end, all three of them got off to let me in there alone. The three fight each other on who can join me but I am already hard just watching them n***d like that. If they come close, I will not be able to hold myself back. It didn't take long before they started washing each other's backs. While I drifted off to a nap from the comfortable feeling the bath gave me. I guess I'm this tired already. Just this morning with Akane, I did her 3 times while I haven't recovered yet from last night. Then 1 each for Aoi and Ria. Will my stamina hold if starting today it will always be like this? I guess I need to increase the workload of my exercise. Build up more stamina to satisfy these girls of mine. Eh? What about my desire? Right. I have to work hard for that too. I think I'm starting to dig my own grave. I don't know how long I drift in my sleep but I guess it's not that long. Warm feeling different from the warmth of the bathwater rouses me awake along with the girls' voices. "He's waking up. Our turn next Akane." "Yes. Don't hog him for yourself Akane-senpai." "Wait. I'm about to c*m from my husband's c**k. Haauuhh." Eh? What's this? These girls… Akane who's in the tub with me is riding my c**k. She's moving vigorously, satisfying herself.  Yeah. I'm hard earlier. Does it stay that way? But this, I can't deny the pleasure she's giving me right now. But I don't think I can c*m more than once now. After that successive s*x, it needs to build up or there will only be a minuscule amount of semen that will be discharged. Err. Then I'll let them all c*m first before me. "What do you think you three are doing?" "Aahh. Husband. I'm sorry. When I see you hard I just can't help but relieve it for you." From what I heard, you're the one relieving yourself. This silly girl. "Darling, I'm next." "Me too Dumb-senpai!"  And these two waiting their turn. What did I get myself into? I just have to satisfy them right? Starting from Akane, I f**k her until she cums by herself on top of me and after that I moved out of the tub to Aoi, leaning her against the wall and inserting it like that, she also cums by herself after some time. Ria who's waiting for her turn couldn't hold herself back that even during the time I'm f*****g Aoi, she's already l*****g my balls. As soon as Aoi finished she pulled me to herself while she lay her body down the tiles. Alternating between the three, my semen burst out inside Akane in the end. She didn't let me go until I c*m when it's her 4th turn. It's almost dark when we got out of the bath, more exhausted than when we first came in. Aoi and Ria's clothes weren't that wrinkled except their panties that were drenched by their own love nectar but they still wear it. I guess today's plans to deal with the girls from my middle school is almost over. Taking these two again and accepting them as mine, they both look happy. They said they will hold the others off at going to my school. And I have to talk to Haruko about that. Leaving the house, Akane tags along to send them off. Saying she can't let the two be alone with me again. This silly girl. Once again, we became the center of attention when walking to the station. But none approached. Some tried though but were repelled by the girls. Their houses are in the same direction so they boarded the same train. Waving them off goodbye, the two gave me a kiss before boarding garnering me more attention. Luckily there's only a few at the platform that time. When we got home, Akane dragged me to our bed and snuggled herself to me. "It went well, I guess?" "Yes. It does. Thank you, wife." "What are you thanking me for? I think I got more spoiled when there's competition. Is that fine?" "I didn't say anything, right?" Yes. It even felt interesting for me. Them, competing like that. "Yes. But I can see now how tired you are. I'll hold myself back next time." "You're becoming more and more like my wife." I can't deny that I'm tired from all that. Did it show on my face? This silly girl. "Well, I am. I won't let them take that from me. You even asked Nikaido to spread about our relationship." "That will cut off those guys eyeing you." This girl. She still feels threatened even if I said she's the only one special. I might really build that harem. Now there's Akane, Haruko, Aoi and Ria. More will soon be added. Err. I'm becoming a harem protagonist. At least I'm not indecisive like Ogawa or I will hate myself. "But I'm really happy, husband. It's like you're announcing our official relationship. I can die happy now." "Silly girl, don't just go off and die. I still want you by my side." I wonder what will the other girls I cut off and accepted think when they heard about us? Will they feel resentful? They will probably think I'm using Akane as cover. That's one purpose but still, the most important reason is to build a shield around her. She's mine. Ah. No use thinking about them. They already made their choice. I'll respect that.   "Of course that's just an expression, I love you so much, I won't die before you. What about your plans tomorrow? Should I invite the other two?" "Uh no. Just prevent them from going to my school next week, I'll deal with them next weekend or if I become free during weekdays. And I will go somewhere tomorrow." Hopefully, they postpone that plan of theirs. I have too much on my hand at school. I can't deal with them there. "Okay. Those two will help at holding them off. Where will you go?" "Maybe I will meet Yae. That girl. I at least need to apologize. And after lunch, I'll go to one of my targets' house." "Yaeko? Should I contact her? Then I will be staying with my Mom." "No. I will contact her. At least I should have that sincerity. Will it be fine? You won't ask me whose house is it?" "Right. Yaeko, I don't know if she already moved on but seeing her still in the group, maybe still not. If that happened, you'll accept her, right? Don't worry about me, husband. I know you will still end up coming home to me. I'll just ask you to spoil me by then and show you my love." This girl. Hearing her say that, I can't help but kiss her. I'll keep spoiling her. "Probably I will, like how I accepted Aoi and Ria. You're not jealous at all?" "Ah. Kiss me more, husband. Uhm. That's good for her. I still remember how she cried that day. Uhm I will be lying to you if I said I don't feel jealous but right now I don't have that right. I may be special but I still don't have your love. And I can tolerate the girls as long as they're someone connected to you by that desire." "Yes. I'm kind of despicable that day. Well, I'm still despicable now. You silly girl. You're my wife, it's fine to get jealous. I think I'm lucky enough that you love me and you're this understanding. I'll properly spoil you when we're alone like this." Kissing her in between our conversation keeps the comfortable atmosphere around us. Really like how a married couple talks about their day. And she even clings more closely to me. This kind of feeling, yes it's really comfortable. "Don't think about that. You don't regret it right? Even if you come back to that day, you will choose the same answer. Just look forward now. Yes. You really are lucky to have me love you this much. When they hear about us, I'm sure most of them will be heartbroken. Spoil me a lot while I'll show you my love." "Right. I should just look forward to it. Ah. Wife, that just ignited my desire. Thinking I am stealing you from them. That fills my desire. They won't ever get you. You're only mine and you also don't have a choice but to be mine. I won't let you. How should I spoil you tonight then?" Err. Right, now that I think of it. Just thinking about those guys that won't get her is enough to ignite my desire. Ah. Akane. She's really special. "Oh? I can also ignite that desire now? Then I'm a level above them again. i***t husband. I'm only yours, since then until the end. Let me help you cook our dinner." "Yes, you are. You're my special silly girl. Then let's go make dinner before we retire for bed." "Uhm I want some spoiling first. I love you, husband. I still can't believe I'm yours now." "What should I do with you? You still can't believe it? Then I'll always remind you that you're mine. Look at my mark I gave you. I'll take all that love and feel it. You three gave me a lot of love today. Maybe I can slowly understand that now." Picking her up, we went down to the kitchen to collaborate on making our dinner. The day that started with the two of us, will also end with just the two of us. The first day of our living together is, uhm I guess it really went well. Even with those side events with Nikaido, Aoi and Ria. Ah. I shouldn't neglect those two now, and maybe even Nikaido, I owe her at least.
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