Andou asks for Advice

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I woke up earlier than usual. It's only 4 am now. Akane is still in my arms, sleeping peacefully. She even has a smile hanging on her lips. Probably having a good dream, I wonder what that is. We had another round of s*x before we sleep. Well, that was because of me that time. She's asking for us to sleep thinking I'm already tired for the day but I just couldn't resist her charm. She didn't resist and welcome me with her arms and legs open wide but after the deed, she scolded me like a child. Telling me not to push myself. This girl. Having that guts now, but I didn't retort. How can I when she looked that happy scolding me? I let her have her fun. Making sure not to wake her up, I reached for my phone. Yes. I guess. I keep forgetting this. I'm gonna check them now and sleep again after. For sure, no one will reply at this time. There's a new message from Otsuka-senpai.  "I'm sorry for contacting you. I'm just really curious. You and Kana-senpai, how did that happen?" Err. Should I tell her that I found them about to have s*x in their classroom? And from there I got Kana's number. One thing led to another from the kiss at the roof to her tour of their clubroom until I brought her home. Otsuka-senpai's head will probably explode from that information and how fast things happened between us. "I can't just tell that to you senpai. What will you trade me for that information? You see, I'm also curious about you." After sending that, I then open Messenger. Finally, I'll be looking at the message requests. There are currently 6. 4 of which are from Akane and the other 3 at the house yesterday. The other 2... Mori. As I expected. And Andou. I expected Mori but Andou? Let's see what that scary girl has to say. "Onoda. If you see this, respond ASAP." "What the hell? Are you not checking your phone?" "I'm sleeping. Forget it. Tsk." Err. She sent multiple messages and she got pissed when I didn't even look at it. How can I? I was busy with my girls. What should I tell her? Ah. "What was it? Was it that urgent?" I don't know if that's enough but I can't think of anything else. Then next will be Mori. "Hi. Onoda. Can I talk to you?" Err. Yes. I'm expecting you. The words I left at the cafeteria were effective and now she's here approaching me by herself. I just don't know how to hook her in. Ogawa? Andou's supposed secret?  "Hello. Mori? Yes, you can. What is it?" After checking all of the other message requests. Accepting those from Akane and the two. I was left with Nikaido's. "Hello, Onoda. Uhm. I'm just saying here, I'm serious about wanting to connect to you." Is Aoi already giving her advice? Or this is just her trying me? Anyway, as long as there's no definite reason, I'll keep my hands away from her. "If you ask me, I think we're already connected. You knew my secret. Just don't divulge it, okay?" Now that I'm done with checking them, it seems there's no message from Kanzaki yet. I don't know if she backs out or she just can't make up her mind. That girl is too diligent, she's probably thinking hard if she really wanted to ask for help. Ah. I forgot Shio. I opened the class' group chat. They're just talking about random things and the most active are those in the peanut gallery. I didn't bother checking what they're talking about and just went straight to member list, looking for Shio's ID. I'm not disappointed since her name was highlighted, being our Class Advisor, I tapped on it and chose to Send a Message. "Shio. What happened that day? I saw you in the car." This message is sure to be sent at her message request, whether she will view this or not, it depends but I guess I can only hope that she will view it. I tried to keep it vague for now, not saying how I saw the guy angry nor how sad she looked like. I want her to tell me herself. I closed the app and when I was about to turn the screen off, a chat bubble appeared at the side of the screen. Someone sent a message and it's probably from one of those in my list. I looked at the display image and it showed Andou's. "You finally responded. Where have you been? And you chose to respond at this hour?" This girl. Your questions are too demanding. I'm not inclined to answer any of that, right? But yeah, she's a target. Better work at her now that I got the chance. "I was busy the whole day. What is it? And why are you awake?" "What kind of thing can make you busy? Are you stalking someone? And it doesn't concern you why I am awake." "Why do you always jump at stalking? I'm going to sleep then. Bye bye." "Eh? Oi. What are you? You're just going to sleep after waking me up?" If she's like this, there's no point talking to her. Let's soften her up. "I thought it was urgent but I guess it's not. And I didn't wake you up. Don't blame that on me." "You… Okay, you win. I was looking for you yesterday for advice." "Huh? Is that an attitude of someone asking for advice?" "Argh! Just hear me out, okay? There's no one who can understand it but you." "What's in it for me? And what about that thing you promised, when will I get it?" "What? You haven't done anything yet and you're asking for a reward. And that thing. This Monday, I'll grant one of your wishes." This girl. You have to be forceful to her or she will think you're easy. She got me to agree easily so she thought she could just order me around if she asked again. "It's better to be clear than expect me to work for free. I can ask anything, right?" "I'll grant another of your wishes then. You can choose anything but remember, nothing sexual." "I only have one request and I won't ask for another wish if you grant it." "What is it?" "Become my sexfriend." "Huh?! What the hell?! Are you out of your damn mind Onoda?!" Well, I don't really mean that. Just a bait for her. It's good if she accepted but it doesn't matter if she doesn't. "No, I'm serious." "Forget it then. I'll ask another." "Okay. Bye bye." "Wait. Are you really serious at that request?! Won't you change it? I told you to choose anything but sexual." I guess that riled her up. And it has done the intended effect. That got imprinted in her mind. "Okay. I'll change it. Won't you reconsider, at least? I don't have a chance to fight for your love nor do I intend to but I want to make you mine." "That's some nasty bits of your personality Onoda. I didn't know you're like this. You think of me like that. You know I'm all for Ogawa." "What's good with that guy? Well, it doesn't matter, like I said I don't intend for you to fall for me nor I fall for you. I just want a skinship between us." "I'm not that kind of girl Onoda." Ah. I guess that's enough. Let's change our approach. This scary girl will slowly roll into my palms anyway. Better step back and not push further when she feels threatened. "I know." "Then why do you keep asking about that?" "I'm taking my chances?" "Argh. Change that request, anything but that, in any case, I really need your advice." "I'll think about it. What's that thing you needed advice on?" I can guess now what she will ask for advice on. Probably that thing with Ogawa. Or what I did last Friday got to him. It made him panic. He will probably confess soon and this scary girl noticed it. "You know I like Ogawa, right?" "Yes. Is that even a question?" "And that Ogawa likes me" "As clear as day." "But there are girls who like him too." "You know who." "Yes. But there are boys who like me too." "You know who." As I thought. That's where this will go. Then this is also my chance. I got her riled up from my absurd request earlier, there's no way she will reject the advice I will give on the spot. "So. What should I do? If Ogawa confesses, and I mean he really will, your performance last Friday made him panic." "I see. You're afraid about what will be their reactions when you start dating." "Yes." "Aren't you somewhat pure, Andou? I never thought you can think like that." "Huh? Do you take me for a cold woman?" "Isn't that the case?" "Of course not. They're our friends. At least I care about them." Do you care about them? This girl is making me laugh. You plot for that Harem Protagonist to panic and confess to you hastily and you say you care for your friends? There's no way she didn't know the feelings of Mori and Tadano. Being the observer that she is, she already figured out everyone around them. "Hmm. Then why don't you just hide it from them?" "They'll notice. There's no way they wouldn't. Just look at how Ogawa acts." "Ah. You're right." "So? What advice can you give me?" "Do you take me for a love guru?" I don't even know love. I only know how to plot my way to steal a girl. And Andou, she'll also be stolen by me. "No. But if it's you, I know you can find a way." "Be mine then." "Huh? You lost me there Onoda." "I mean. Pretend to date me while in fact, you're dating Ogawa." Pretending to date that's how I can get her. And yeah, that will be with the acknowledgement of Ogawa. I can just make my move while he's not looking and we're pretending. The only problem is that I will once again be put in the spotlight. Hmm. I guess I can add another cover to prevent that. Like, hiding our pretend relationship too. Yes. Like that. Ah. I'm getting excited from the thought. This scary girl. She opens the route herself. Don't blame me, okay? "Huh? Wait. Let me think. I'll tell you tomorrow." "Take your time." And the fish bites the hook. Err. Yeah, it's like that. She will probably ask me to meet Ogawa. Well, that will be after that guy confesses to her. This is not like with Sakuma and Satsuki, I can't insert myself in the process. It should be after or else that scary girl will notice. Then there's Mori. I can work on her first. Ah. Or maybe I can work on them at the same time. Giving a chance for her to be with that guy. And of course, there will be a price. Ah. And that Tadano, I still couldn't care less. I need to know the name of the other harem members though. Andou probably knows them. That scary girl already had them on her palm. Now that I'm done with those messages, I'm thinking of sleeping again but yeah, I'm forgetting something. I look at the still sleeping Akane. She still has that smile. This girl. Will it always be a smile now? Err. No use thinking about something like that. As long as she stays by my side, she will smile. That is if her love for me doesn't change. And if it did, it really doesn't matter for me. Ah. Now I remember what I was forgetting. Yae. I open my phone again and look through my contact list, searching for her name. Opening it, she sent me a lot of messages that all went ignored. Err. I guess I'm really that bad to her. Haa. If I apologize, will she accept? I tried to apologize that day but she rejected me. Ah. That girl. As I thought. Now that my outlook started to change after accepting Aoi and Ria, I want Yae back. That lovely girl who did her best whenever she's with me. Comforting me, helping me, clearing my doubts. Ah right. When Haruko disappeared after they graduated, it was Yae who stayed with me, no, I had her stay with me. Only she did I ask to stay as mine. But when I found out the thing she hid from me, I didn't think twice to cut her off. Maybe for her, I'm really despicable. But she still stayed and kept her feelings. When she confronted me that day, she probably thought hard before coming to that decision but I shut her down like that. No wonder she cried. It's like, after all she's done, she can't move me. With trembling hands, I typed my mail to her. "Yae. Can we meet? At that place special to us." After sending that, I put down my phone and embrace the girl next to me. Yae and Akane, they're alike. Yae, she's not as special as Akane but I still want her by my side. Ah. I'm hopeless. But yeah, she has a choice. If she chose not to come back then I will respect that. She deserved it.
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