Fujimura Yaeko (1)

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When I opened my eyes again, Akane was gone from my side. I somehow panicked thinking she's gone but then I heard the sounds of cooking wares banging in the kitchen. I stood up and went downstairs. And there she is, busy moving in the kitchen. Wearing an apron over her clothes, she's preparing our breakfast. The mugs that I bought were there at the table, waiting for it to be filled. When she heard my footsteps, she turned and gave me a refreshing smile. Looks like she had a good sleep. Damn this possessiveness of mine, it made me panicked when I didn't see her at my side. "Good morning, husband" I walked towards her and gave her a hug from the back, circling my arms to her front and leaned my chin on her left shoulder. I really don't want to lose this girl. Haa. "Good morning. You didn't wake me up." "You'll be busy again so I want you to take as much rest as you can." This girl. She really warms this morning. Unlike before where I always wake up alone, this isn't bad. I might get used to this. And I don't think it's a bad idea. A whole lot will change so I better just embrace it than mull over it. "Thank you, wife. Do you need help?" "Just sit there and wait, husband. Let me serve you for today." After giving her a kiss, I did what she said. Waiting at the table for her to finish preparing. During that time, I checked my phone again and Yae already replied but yeah, she can't believe I've taken the initiative to contact her. "Did the sun rise from the west today? I can't believe this." "Maybe. I want to see you Yae. I'll wait for you there at 9am." That special place for us. Well, it isn't that special for other people but for us, it's something memorable, that even me who tend to just only look forward towards satisfying my desire still remembered it. It's the place where I first met her. Her reply came back instantly. "Ruki. What are you on now? After that day… Alright. I'll be there." "Thank you Yae." "After all that. You're not just giving me false hope, are you?" "You'll see." "Okay, see you." "See you." Next is Satsuki. I still don't know where her house is. Opening the messenger again, Satsuki's message is there. "Just take the train and get off at the station next to our school. I'll wait for you there. Remember, after lunch." I see, so she's near the school. No wonder she can jog from her house to there last Friday. "Yes. Your Highness. Looking forward to seeing you again." "i***t. I told you your sweet words aren't going to work on me. Don't be late." "I won't. I'm even excited right now." "Pervert." Turning the phone off, Akane has finished cooking. "All plans are set, husband?" "Yes. I'll leave at 8. What will you do?" "Stay with you before you leave then maybe arrange things here and do some housework. Then I'll go to Mom." "Okay. Let's eat then, I also want to spend my time with you meaningfully." "Yes, husband. I love you." Akane reached in for a kiss. Yes, she will always be like this, openly showing me her love. I won't reject it, I already accepted her heart, it's just a matter of whether I will be able to understand that emotion, whether small or not it will make a huge difference. Probably. We ate our breakfast and drank coffee from the matching mug I bought. That gave her another reason to smile. We really act like a married couple. I'll be leaving for almost the whole day so the time we have now is precious for her. It's only been over a day since we started living together so her charm and sexiness still gets me hard for her. I don't think it will decrease though. Now that I'm living with her, my possessiveness always takes over that I want to always dote on her even if my mind isn't. So unconsciously, I'm spoiling her too much which makes her very happy. After a round of s*x in the bathroom, I'm already prepared to set off to my first destination. Akane, playing the housewife role, sees me off from the front door. "Take care, husband." "Yes, I'll be back soon, wife. I'll make it up to you later." "i***t. I'm already overflowing from your spoiling. You even left your seed inside me. I'm satisfied enough to just wait on you." "No, you're special to me so that's a given. You're mine." "i***t husband. I love you." With a kiss, Akane sends me off. Ah. My life suddenly became too fluffy but it's not a bad thing. This change might be good for me too. Before, I did everything just to get a target, but now, so far I only used blackmail once. I guess I'll be stepping away from those forceful submissions but still I know that my methods are despicable. Look at where I am going later. To Satsuki's house. I have a hunch that her love for Sakuma didn't just sprout out of nowhere. There must be a certain reason that it has grown to that extreme. I'm not planning to change that though, I just want to know the reason. The excitement I get from her is much better than most. Satisfying my desire more than the others. Getting off the train, I was met with a bustling scene. Well, this is a business district where there are too many people coming and going even on Sundays. Meeting Yae at that place, I still somehow know the way. It is located in an alley. Well, not the dark kind of alley. It's an alley that was connected to a certain street so people often use that as a shortcut. That place was where I first met Yae. I opted to go first since it's too dangerous for her alone. That certain street is filled with Love Hotels. Yes. That kind of street where couples often go. I still remember. I was searching for a target that day. Well, I don't just look for one in the school so I once tried to scout there. Yae and her guy, they're just a normal couple. They had just gone from a date and the guy planned to bring her to a hotel. I don't know if she consented or not but yeah, she's just following him. Holding his hand. And it might sound clichéd but that guy. Being nervous and all thinking about their first time, bumped into someone. They're just 3rd year middle school students and he bumped into an adult who at a first glance you will think is dangerous even if he's wearing a formal suit. Her guy looks timid but brave enough to bring her girl to a love hotel. However, when he got a look to who he bumped, he immediately grovelled. Asking for forgiveness. Who wouldn't? He's not even athletic, he just had a handsome face that captured Yae. If he took a strong stand, his pretty face would be in danger. And that's what he wanted to prevent. But in most people's eyes, that shouldn't be his stand. He should've stood strong before his lover. But that guy, he didn't think twice and just grovelled. Not minding how shamed he is in front of his girl and everyone else looking on. The man was disgusted by how her guy acted and luckily he didn't eye Yae's beauty. The man was certainly not after underaged girls which is a good thing. With a kick on the guy's face, the man left them there with her guy unconscious. Scared, Yae didn't know who to ask for help and that was when I stepped in. Just looking at how she cares for her guy immediately ignited my desire back then. I thought at that spot, I want to steal her, I want her to be mine, I want to trample that cowardly guy's face like how the man did it. But yeah, I cancelled that last thought. Instead, I helped them. I took the guy to a clinic nearby with Yae following behind. And that's when I started my plan to steal her. Not accepting her thanks and just asking for her number. I started to talk to her. From the talks, I started calling her out. I will meet her and take advantage of her, reminding her how I saved her guy. I didn't know when but I successfully stole her after 2 weeks of coaxing. I didn't care about the guy and I limited their interactions. In the end, the guy never got inside her skirt. He became traumatized from that experience that his good looks deteriorated. I then brought her home and popped her virginity. Now that I think about it, me forcing her to stay with the guy is just cruel. She probably already fell out of love way before I stole her. And days after that, she's always with me. Sometimes helping me sneak away from Haruko, then scout for more targets. She helped me in every way she can. I should've known about her feelings back then but yeah, I never noticed. I was too dumb to notice. It was only after they graduated and had her stay by my side did I get the news of her breaking up with her guy way before they graduated. Well, she took care of it to not reach me when we're still at the same school. That's why I immediately decided to cut her off. Feeling betrayed. I don't know if that's the right feeling but I immediately forget how special she was. Being too focused on satisfying my desire, nothing can change my mind. Ah. I see. Even back then I already hurt her. But still, even after all that. Yae, she failed to become as special as Akane to me. Waiting on that alley, the time runs slowly. Even this early there are couples walking by to go to a hotel. But I don't know, I'm not too focused on scouting for my desire. I just waited until she showed up. "Ruki." Yae, wearing an off-shoulder thick blouse and a tight skirt, she looks lovely enough, add to that her beautiful face that almost rivaled Akane's. This girl. She also grew up like Haruko. If before she's almost always looking down when alone, she's standing straight now and with her heels, she almost reached my height but still off by a few centimetres. "Yae. You came." I sent a smile to her but she didn't smile back. Ah. She's probably still angry. And maybe she already accepted that guy courting her. "You sent it that early and it's the first time in a while that you took initiative." "I…" "Don't say anything. Just… give me your hand." I nod at her and reach my hand out. Using both of her hands, she took it to her, hugging it to herself. Her eyes closed like she was set on focusing her senses on the feeling of my hand. A little over a minute like that, her mouth opens. "Why did you want to meet?" "Aoi and Ria. I accepted them again." There's always no use to make excuses. It's better this way. No idle talks and just straight to the point of the matter. "I see. Good for them." "Yae…" "I don't want to hear it. Just let me stay with you like this." She cut me off and pulled me into her embrace. I don't know what's on her mind so I just let her do what she wants. "I can guess why you wanted to meet. You want to apologize." "Yes." "I told you I don't want that apology." "Then be mine again Yae." "Huh? Why?" "That's…" "See? You're even not sure. I love you Ruki. But I'm scared." "I still don't know that emotion." "That's what I'm scared about." I see. All this time, she wanted me to reciprocate her love. But I can't. "I'm sorry." "I just told you I don't want to hear that." "What should I do then?" "Love me." "You know I can't. Yet." "Yet?" This girl. Haa. And I don't even know what will happen if I really learn about that emotion. Everything is still unclear. Even if she pushes for it, my answer will be the same. "Akane, she vowed to teach me about that." "I see. I can't beat her. She even thought of that." "You don't need to." "She said she's special to you." Ah. She probably read that chat. "Yes. She is." "How special?" "I will want her no matter if she loves me or not. She's mine." "I see. And that's still not love." "Yes." "I don't know why I'm here. When I met you before I just wanted you to take me in again but now, I'm uncertain about what I really wanted." I can feel her body shaking, her arms that are embracing me squeeze me tighter. This is like that morning with Akane. This girl, pushing herself further by going here to meet me. "Yae." "Let's go. Let's not talk here. This may be a special place for us but it's not appropriate to talk here." "Where do you want to go?" "Just a few steps out of this alley." "I see. Let's go." Getting out of the alley, we checked in on the first Love Hotel. Yae never let go of my hand and so we just looked like a couple. Entering the room that was used specifically for that, Yae pulled me into the bed, locked me into her embrace. "Hey, Ruki. What will happen now?" "I don't know. I want you back Yae but I don't want to force you. Unlike Akane, you have a choice." "She's that special. You know that I don't want to be just your 'stolen girl'. Haruko wanted to steal you from your desire while Akane wanted to teach you love. What about me? I can't think of anything." "You know you don't need to. Just stay by my side again. Like how you used to." Yae pulled me with her to the bed, still holding onto my hand. Is she afraid I'll go away if she lets my hand go? "You're this cruel. There's so many of us who love you and you're just one man. How will you divide yourself?" "That. I never thought of that yet." "See how cruel you are. And you will also keep stealing more girls, right?" "Yes. That. I can't stop." "Will you be fine like this? Won't your body collapse?" She turns her body over then gets on top of me. While staring intently at my face, her lips fall to mine. "Why?" "i***t. Just think about it. If we all demanded your attention at the same time, you can't attend to all of us." "You seem to forget Yae. It's me who's doing that demand." "Ah. Right. You're like that. Why did I forget?" Her kisses continue to drop on my lips but my hand is still held tightly on hers. The only free hand I can move is now at the back of her head, combing her hair with my fingers. "So Yae. Will you be mine again?" "What if I say no?" "Then I won't force you." "You really changed." "It's because of you. Well, it's not entirely because of you but you're a part of it." "I see. Do you think I would say no?" This girl, asking these questions but she neither really stops at her kisses nor she lets go of my hand. This is cute too. "Well, you said you would accept that guy courting you." "You're really an i***t. You yourself asked me why should I accept someone I don't love. Of course, I didn't accept him. It's always you who I love." "Is that a yes then?" "Yes. I love you, i***t. I don't want anyone else. I don't care anymore if you have more. I'll beat them and become someone special to you. Even Shimizu or Haruko, I won't lose to them." After declaring that, her kisses that only aimed at my lips turned into more when her tongue invaded my mouth, locking my tongue into hers. "Sorry for being this dumb." "Hurry up and learn to love. That's what we need. Not just me." "I'm learning but it's not that easy Yae. I want you to be mine. Is that not enough?" "Haa. What should I do with you? I'll keep loving you anyway, I'm always yours i***t. Don't push me away again." "I won't. All of you who stayed, I'll let you all choose if you want to be mine or not." "Don't think about the others, focus on me here." "Yae." "We have less than 3 hours. You know what to do." "What should I do?" "Are you teasing me?" "Well, you keep holding my hand, how can I do what we both wanted?" "I'll keep holding this. You might disappear again if I let go. Think about how with only your one arm." "This girl. You're making it hard for me." "That's your punishment for cutting me off by yourself." "Ah. So now you're giving punishments." "Just today Ruki. I don't want to let go and wake up I'm back at my room, not knowing what to do." "This is real Yae. Alright. Leave this to me." "Ah. Why am I so in love with you? i***t. Hurry and fall in love with me too." And just like that. Yae, surrendering herself to me, became mine again. I can't deny that when I saw her not smiling earlier, I thought she already accepted the guy. I might've felt a little bitter at that thought. She demanded me to fall in love with her but as of now, I really can't. I can just keep her as mine again. That's all I can do.
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