Fujimura Yaeko (2) *

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"Not only would you not let go of my hand, but you also won't get off me?" "Yes. Do you want me to help you?" She never stops kissing me. Even my tongue keeps getting tangled on hers. But this girl, she told me to do something but she never lets go of me. "This girl. What happened to you when I'm not looking?" "Let's see. I became more in love with you?" "You've become bolder Yae." "Well, you already accepted me. Before, I'm afraid to say this all to you. You'll accept them now, right?" Using my free hand, it went down from her hair to her butt. After cupping it a bit, I s*****d it hard at the same time her tongue let go for a bit. "Yes. Throw them all to me. I'll accept everything" "Ahhh. i***t, I love you. Why did you s***k me?!" "Punishment for a bad girl." "I'm not bad. I'm just making sure you won't disappear again." "And that is why you're bad. I'm here now and you won't believe me." After delivering another s***k, her hips jerked a bit which moved her directly on top of my growing bulge. "I believe now but I still won't let go, we'll do this without breaking this contact. You're getting hard now Ruki. Even without your desire." "Bad girl. Do you miss being spoiled? Ah. It's fine. I can just think of that guy courting you crying because I stole you from him. That fills my desire a bit." "Yes. I'm the only one you spoil before. Ah. He really will cry. I haven't rejected him yet. I will reject him after we're done here. Should I take a photo of us? Then show it to him along with the message of rejection." She took out her phone and took a photo with both of our faces in it. Her face is so red that at one look, you'll know how horny she is right now. "I'll spoil you when we're alone like this. I'll focus on who I'm with at the moment. Ah. That's a great idea Yae. That also fills my desire. Send it to him." "Then that's enough for me. i***t. He might use this to blackmail me. I won't. I'm only for you. Take off my panties Ruki. I didn't bring a spare. I'm getting wet now." "Ah. You're right. Just take that as our memory. Lift your butt up. I only have one hand. It's harder to take that off." "Right. Let's make new memories. Ah. Don't complain, you have to make up for Wednesday. I cried a lot. Compensate me by spoiling me. Here, pull it down." Like she said, she lifted her butt and pulled up her skirt, exposing her string panties. Reaching my hand to the string and pulling it, her panties came off exposing her slightly drenched p***y. "Yes. I'll spoil my Yae a lot. You're still wearing this kind of panties, are you expecting this development?" "I also wore something like this last Wednesday. I'm expecting this every time I meet you. Don't you remember? Back then, this made it easier for you to take me." "Ah. You're right. I often pull you in the men's toilet back then and you're wearing this." "Yes. I'm always prepared for you i***t. That was exciting even for me. The idea of being caught." "Ah. I woke you up to that fetish. Take my pants off Yae. You'll wet it. Your love nectar is dripping out of you now." "Because you're a p*****t Ruki. You influenced me. Lift your butt too so I can pull it off." Lifting my butt off, she used her free hand to pull my pants off me. After dropping it down to my feet, next she pulled my underwear off. My half-erect c**k stood up in front of her face. "You don't have to remind me how perverted I am. Hey. Don't stare at it like you're eyeing something delicious." "But this is delicious. I miss this part of you Ruki. I'll be l*****g this." Grabbing my c**k with her free hand, she started stroking it while her tongue reached for it and started to lick the shaft. Due to her not letting go of my hand, my body was pulled to a sitting position when she went down to my c**k. "You still wouldn't let go. You're so stubborn Yae." "I told you I won't, you should give up for that now and focus on me. Look at me." Her stroking started to move faster making my c**k get fully erect, seeing that, her eyes glimmer brightly and her tongue became more eager at l*****g it. From the base, she circled around the shaft, coating every part of it in her saliva. "You're that eager now Yae. Do it more." "You know I'm not really fond of l*****g this. I'm just lubricating it to help you slide easier. Huumph" She swallowed the head right after speaking. And inside her mouth, her tongue does its work. If I'm not careful the stimulation she's bringing me will make me moan. "Yae. I miss you doing this. Ah. Take it in further." "I knew you like this. Uuhhhmp." Yae pushed down her head further taking in more than half of my c**k in her mouth, then slowly her head started bobbing up and down and slurping sounds started to leak out from it. From slow movement, her head gradually grew faster. Her hand that was stroking it also moved faster, while her grip tightened on it like squeezing it to keep it from cumming. Only after I almost reach my limit did Yae let go. "That was amazing Yae." "We're not done yet Ruki. Ah. I'll call you sweetie now. I always wanted to call you that. Sweetie, lay back down. Today, I'll lead you on." "Okay then. I'll let my Yae do as she wishes." "Good boy sweetie. I love you." Letting my body fall back down to the bed, Yae climbed up to me. Using her free hand, she aimed my c**k into her entrance, slipping the head inside, she slowly dropped her own weight, letting my c**k be eaten by her. "Yae…" "Aahhh. This is it! Sweetie's c**k. How long since I had this? Huaaa. Sweetie, give me your other hand." Complying to her words, I held out my free hand and she immediately took it with her hand. With two of our hands together, her hips started moving, riding my c**k like that. "Hauuu. You're hitting my deepest spot. Aaahh. I'm kissing you, sweetie." Yae leans her body down to reach my lips, her hips that were riding my c**k started to move faster, pounding itself on me. Her moans were blocked by our kiss, her focus solely focused on what she's doing. Making me feel good with her body. Soon enough, even I who should've let her do what she wanted can't hold it in, I want her to feel good too. So I lifted my straightened legs, raising my knees to let me answer to her continued pounding. Without holding back, the sound of meat hitting meat sounded out filling the whole room with it. Her mouth broke its lock on mine which gave me the chance to suck on her neck, I sucked on it hard until I left my mark, then moved to another spot and left another hickey in there. "Aahhh. Why sweetie? You put two hickeys on visible spots." "Don't mind it Yae. I'm leaving my mark on you. You're mine." "You bully. This is good too. This is proof that I'm already yours. I wouldn't need to contain all these feelings I have for you now." "Yes. Let me feel that love of yours. Maybe that way I can slowly understand that emotion." Her p***y constricted further and her hips that were already about to slow down, get energized. Letting my c**k hit her deeper. "Aahh. Haruko might love you as much as me but that girl, she's selfish, she wanted to monopolize you. Locking you inside that student council. Huaa. That's why I always help you sneak out." With her emotions bursting out of her. She continued pounding her into me. I don't know how many times she climaxed already but she shows no signs of stopping, wanting to squeeze me out as she let loose the emotions she's been bottling up. "Huaaa. Yes. I really miss you. I tried hating you but all of it turned into love. But still, me and Haruko, we both lose to Shimizu. That girl. She knew exactly who were the girls who fell for you. It's scary how she knew it more than you. That's why everyone she approached was those who fell for you. She didn't bother those she knew will leave once you cut them off. She loves you too much that she can do all that." Ah. Maybe she's right. Akane. That's how that group formed. She knew more than me. How long was she watching my back? That silly girl. "Shush Yae. You told me to focus on you so don't mention anyone. More. I'm about to c*m too. Make me c*m from you doing your best." "Haauuu. Sorry, sweetie. I'm just venting out that frustration I had. I can't win against her but to Haruko, I can beat her on how much I love you. I love you since the day you successfully stole me. I couldn't care less about that coward. You're much different than him. My only regret was not having you fall for me. But I guess, it was really impossible back then." After saying those. Yae finally let go of my arms, she clings tightly to me while I supported her back that was already drenched by her sweat, doing it's best humping my c**k, squeezing the semen out of it. She cupped my face and kissed me again as she continued what she's doing. I tried to match her movements, meeting her every move with an upward thrust. Each time, she will twitch from extreme pleasure. Before long after 2 more climaxes from her, I finally felt my semen ready to burst out. I didn't hold back and sprayed it all inside her when I felt her inside constrict for another c****x. Without pulling my c**k out of her, I carried her to the clear bathroom at the side, I took off all our clothes and started showering. Inside, my c**k hardened again and we continued the 2nd round. Now it's my turn to make a move. She's already exhausted so she just let me do her from behind then turning her around, I do her while she's standing. Apart from the sound from showers, her moans filled the room for the rest of the time we paid for the love hotel. I showered her with all my longing for her that was hidden. It was too hidden inside me that I didn't notice it, only now when I heard her feelings did it burst out and was vented to Yae. "You're really a p*****t, sweetie. You filled me up 3 times, even when I washed it in the bath, I still feel like some of it will spill out when we walk." Yae whispered to me when we left the room. Looking at her, she's still as red as earlier. Her face is too flustered that everyone will know what we did. Especially those 2 visible hickeys that she tries to hide. Luckily she brought her scarf. It's still April so the wind is still chilly all around. She didn't wear it to appeal to me with her outfit earlier. This girl. And I was even worried when she didn't smile earlier. "That sounds quite sexy Yae. Show it to me when that really happened." "You p*****t. I love you." After another kiss, we started walking out of the Love Hotel. But before we reached the entrance, something interesting caught my eye. I saw two familiar people near the screens where we picked our room. "Ishida, wait I really need to go to the restroom." "Huh? Wait, Goto, don't leave me alone here. Hurry up." Yae noticed the smile on my face. "Someone you knew?" "Ah. Yes. Seniors from a club I tried " "That smile. Those eyes. I saw that before. You found another target." "You really know me Yae. Let's go, let's greet her. She's alone now." Goto, yeah that's my Kana's Kenji. That guy. Having the guts to do this. Did Kana's rejection make him desperate that he now tried to make a move on Ishida-senpai? I won't pass up on this opportunity. I'll steal Ishida-senpai too. "Senpai. I didn't think I'd see you here." I greeted her when we're near enough. Ishida-senpai flinched when she heard my voice. "Y-you. Onoda-kun. What are you…" Her eyes trailed towards Yae at my side who clings tightly to me and she instantly understood. "That's bad, senpai. What will happen if Kana-senpai hear about this?" "N-no. Don't tell her. I was just taken in by the flow." "Then senpai, why are you still here? Are you, in fact, expecting it? Goto-senpai and you. Could you be someone who had unrequited love towards him?" "N-no. I'll go now. Can you keep this a secret? Anything. I'll do anything." She's panicking. This Ishida-senpai. And I got scared meeting her before. To think that I will stumble upon this. I guess I'm just this lucky. "As long as you don't hurt Kana-senpai then I'll turn a blind eye to this. She's so good to me, you see." "I really don't want to go with him. Believe me." "Yes yes. I believe you. Then, we'll be going now, senpai. My Yae is already hungry after all that we did." Leaving the panicking Ishida-senpai behind. We got out of the Love Hotel street. I saw her running out of it right after us. She didn't wait for that Kenji to show up. I took a picture of them just in case. Ah. I'll be working with her soon enough. I'm getting excited again. This desire of mine is too uncontrollable. "So sweetie, that's your next target?" "Yes. She did ignite my desire after all." "You're really bad." "I know. I always am that bad. Where do you want to eat?" "Anywhere, as long as I'm with you, sweetie." "Err. It's hard to choose. Consider this as our date. Where do you want me to take you?" "Well, I will say love hotel but it seems like the order of our date got mixed up. We just got out of there. Let's eat sushi. You need more energy. You still have somewhere you have to go to, right?" Err. You're the one who told me to go there to talk. And we did more than talking. "Yes. I have to go somewhere after we eat." "Then let's go. I want more time with you but I guess I will concede for now." "We can have more in the future. You're mine now. Remember that." "Yes, sweetie. I love you." Finally. I fixed the blunder that I did. Neglecting this girl who stayed with me for that long. I'm really an i***t eh. Someone who devoted herself to me like this. I won't let her go now. She's mine again.
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