House Visit (1)

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I sent off Yae to the station after we finished our lunch together. She's too happy that I called that a date. Apparently, I haven't had one ever since. Yeah, I couldn't remember if I have gone on a date before or not. That's why Yae was too happy that she got the first date before Akane. That girl. Maybe something trivial for me is something important for them. If Akane found out, I'll just make up for it. With the unexpected harvest of a new target, I also rode the train to meet Satsuki. Ah. Just thinking about the visit to her house is already exciting, what other surprises will be waiting for me there? Since the place I met Yae was in the opposite direction of the school, the train ride lasted for about an hour. It's already half past 1 when I got out of the station. "You're late." Satsuki's voice rang from the side. I followed it and saw her in her jogging attire. Err why didn't she wear something like I saw yesterday? "After lunch, isn't this still in the realm of that?" "You're 30 minutes late i***t. After lunch is 1 pm. Argh. Whatever. Follow me." "Wait Satsuki. Your hand." "What? No. There's a lot of people who know me here. Just follow behind." This girl, I really want to tease her. Ah. Even with that outfit of hers, the outline of her legs and thighs are still there. "Err. Are you angry?" "What?" "I'm late. Must be why you're this grumpy." "i***t. It's not that. Okay. Here, take my hand." She held out her hand and I took it. Well, she's taller so maybe I will just look like a little brother walking next to her. As if. "Weren't you worried we will be seen?" "You'll keep complaining along the way if I don't let you. It's just holding hands anyway, I kinda also want to experience this." "But we look like a couple. Do you like that?" "Of course, I don't. I'll blame you if someone asks. I see. It's now deeply imprinted to her that everything that will happen to us is all my fault. This is it. The intended effect. She wouldn't mind being seen with me now. She could just blame me for forcing her to hold hands. As long as it's not someone directly related to us then it's fine. Crossing our fingers together, Satsuki led me as we walked along their neighbourhood. This is unlike mine since there's a lot of people walking by. There are also apartment complexes and buildings around. I just wonder what her house looks like. "Say Satsuki." "What?" "Your club doesn't have practice?" "No. They said to just take it easy for now. Since we're not aiming for a championship at the Inter-High." Ah. Right. They're not that competitive. It's a waste though. Satsuki might become their star player if they did play more competitively. "Shame. I would've liked to watch you win your games." "We'll still compete anyway. You can watch me then." There's a smile on her face when she says that. Well, even if their club is not that competitive, she truly likes playing Basketball. Could it be somehow connected to why she loves Sakuma? "I'll surely go and cheer for you. I'll cheer you up inside your waiting room too." "p*****t. You can't go inside there." "Eh? Then, I'll look for an empty room where I can cheer you before the start of every game." "Y-you. Well, it's fine. I could use some cheering. It would've been better if it's Sakuma." I'll cheer her up differently than what she expects. Ah. That will truly be exciting. Her face will be flushed even before they start playing. Her teammates will notice her womanly vibes by then. "I can drag him to cheer for you too. But of course, that will be after our alone time." "Eh. That's enough I guess. As long as he watches my match. I will certainly do my best to not disappoint him. The seniors want to put me on the regulars and they're already planning for a practice game two weeks from now." I really can't beat that Sakuma but yeah, as long as she's mine, it really doesn't matter whether they become a lovey-dovey couple or not. It will fill and satisfy my desire either way. "Ah. That means you'll be busy starting next week. Will we still have time?" "Yes. I'll be training hard for that game. You're worried about that?" Of course, I'll worry. How can I take advantage of you if you use all your time for practice? "Then train hard. Well, I will miss teasing you." "I will. i***t. You just want to take advantage of me, don't worry, if it's you I know you'll find a way." "That's some huge trust you have for me." "Don't let me say it. i***t. I'll blame you again. You're making me look forward to alone time with you." Now, no one can deny that blush on her face. If someone sees that, they'll just think she's blushing because of me. Well, it really is because of me. This girl… I tighten my hold on her hand, moving my thumb like it's massaging her thumb "Just blame it all on me and don't hold back Satsuki. Now you're making me smile. Take responsibility." "What? Why do I have to take responsibility if you smile?" "Well, if you don't, I will kiss you right here." "i***t. Don't just kiss me here. Okay. Later. I'll take responsibility for that." And her face turns even redder. Ah. It's really different with this girl. It's truly satisfying just by teasing her. "Remember that. Okay. Let's buy something first, Satsuki." "Huh? What will you buy?" "Condoms." "What the hell, Ruki?! What are you thinking of doing?!" "Ah. I really like that look on your face, Satsuki. Of course, I'm joking. Let's buy a cake. I'm visiting your house, I should at least bring something, right?" I prefer doing it raw so buying that is really a joke. Ah. But her reaction is truly priceless. We pass by a Pastry Shop and I drag her into it. Good timing. Really. Well, no, I already saw the sign earlier. "You. You don't have to. It's just us two there." "Let your family eat it later then. I'll let you pick what you want." "That's nice, buying your girl a cake." The owner smilingly said looking at us. "Ah. He's not my boyfriend." "You know you don't have to be shy about it. Here, I recommend this." The owner pointed at a cake with lemon toppings. I don't know about its taste but maybe that's their specialty. And lemon. That will remind Satsuki of our kiss. "Then, we'll take that." "Thank you for your purchase. That girl, take care of her." Leaving the Pastry Shop, Satsuki remained speechless. Well, it doesn't matter that she denied since that's the truth anyway. "Why are you suddenly silent?" "W-we looked like a couple to others." "Huh? Aren't you already cleared about that? Blame it on me now." "i***t. You should've said that earlier. Only I denied it." "Well, you're my girl now Satsuki, why will I deny it?" "You're really unbelievable. Let's hurry up before someone we know sees us." She tightens her grip on my hand and hurries her walking pace. Well I guess, that's enough teasing her outside. There's really that possibility of a classmate seeing us. There must be some who also live around here. After walking for some time, we arrived on a somewhat quiet street. There are houses lined up on both sides that couldn't be said to be extravagant. It's far from it. I guess this is how a normal street looks. Our street is full of huge houses, even Shimizu household's house is on par with our house. Satsuki stopped at a fairly better house than others, looking at it, it can house a family consisting of up to 6 people. If you only count the number of rooms. On the front, I can see the 'Maemura Family' sign. Satsuki pulls me inside and leads me to enter from their front door. "Please excuse me." "Well, you don't have to say that. There's no one else here anyway." "Just giving proper respect to the owner of the house. "Suit yourself then." Satsuki lets go of my hand. She then removes her footwear and changes it to house slippers. "Here's yours." "Thanks." She also hands me a pair to use. It's not the right size though since it's just intended for guests to use. "Now that we're here. I can finally relax." "Well, your house looks nice. When will we go to your room?" Satsuki immediately dives to their sofa, relaxing her whole body in it. I put the cake I bought at the table near their kitchen. "Later. We just arrived and you immediately want to go there. You're thinking of taking advantage of me again." "Eh? I'm not. I told you I'm at your mercy today." I lifted her feet and sat on the space that was freed from the sofa, then let her feet rest on my lap. "There are other places you can sit and you still choose to sit here." "I want to be close to you Satsuki." "You're starting again. i***t. Massage my calves then. I got tired waiting for you there and from all that walking." "As you wish, your Highness." She pulls her pants up, revealing her firm calves. Well, it's well trained from all of her years playing Basketball. I lifted her leg and started massaging it. I don't have that much knowledge on massaging but I guess just this much is enough. "This really looked tired. Why didn't you look for somewhere to sit?" "I thought you might not see me." "You're making me smile again. When will you take responsibility?" "i***t. How can that make you smile? She uses her arms to cover her face, not letting me look at it. "Well, you're too cute Satsuki. If only I didn't say that I'll be at your mercy, I might've already kissed you." "You're always like that. Why are you suddenly this obedient to me?" "I'm just upholding my promise. Well, if you tell me to kiss you, I will." "L-later. Just keep doing what you're doing." Obeying what she said. I continue massaging her calves, pressing it with my fingers gently and harshly at times. Sometimes it makes her let out a soft sigh of relief. It's really tired, I guess. "Your hands. Why is it that gentle? Even when you're taking advantage of me back then, you never did something that can make me feel pain." "Eh? But this is how it is normally. Should I massage you harder?" "No. That's enough. I like it this way." "Okay then, tell me where to massage next after this." She only nods and lets herself relax more. This girl. She doesn't know how defenceless she is right now. But yeah, I have to be patient for now. I want her to take the initiative to ask me for something. "Don't you want to taste the cake?" "Later. It's lemon. It will make me remember your…" "Ah. Right. That taste really became a bit special for us." "Because you're a p*****t. Sakuma hasn't even held my hands yet." "I'll help him confess to you. Don't worry. But for now, you're mine Satsuki." "i***t. Focus on your massaging. How can I let you kiss me? Do a good job then maybe I'll reward you." Switching to her other leg, I put down the first one. Well, from this angle, I can see the shape of her panties because of how fit her pants are. This is a treat, I won't tell her. "What kind of reward, your Highness?" "T-that. Don't ask. I'll show you later." Satsuki is now not reacting whenever I call her 'your Highness'. That's good too. I guess this is somewhat of a spoiling I give her. She satisfies my desire so I'll also make sure she will be satisfied as well. "What about now? Is my massaging enough?" "Un… You can kiss me once." "Really?" "Hurry up or I will change my mind." Satsuki slightly moves her arms covering her face. Her lips revealed itself and her eyes looked straight at me. She still has that blush on her face and her body temperature starts to warm up. This girl is too cute. Ah. And I have her to myself today. I hope her family take their time outside. Still continuing the massage. I slowly leaned my body towards her. Because of where I sit, it's a bit hard to reach her. I moved myself a bit, making her thighs rest on my lap instead of her legs. Now, I can finally reach her. I continue leaning towards her, lowering my face to just on top of hers. "Is it fine, Satsuki?" "Yes. Hurry up, Ruki." "Why hurry? We can savour this kiss, you know?" "You're making me weird, that's why." Ah. I can't hold back anymore. Letting my head lower further, my lips overlapped hers. Her lips are open, clearly waiting for mine. I reached my hand to her face and caressed it while our lips were locked in a battle, sucking each other. Even her tongue that occasionally peeks out of her mouth wasn't spared. And like that, we are slowly consumed by our intimate kiss, her aggressive side also started to show herself. Breaking the kiss for a bit, we will take a breath before continuing. Her arms stopped covering her face. They're now clinging onto me. One at the back of my head clutching my hair while the other is at my chest, who acted like it's pushing me at first but in truth it just stayed there, clutching my clothes. "I can't taste the lemon. Shouldn't we eat the cake first?" "i***t. Stop reminding me about that. Just continue. I'm rewarding you here, so don't complain." "What if someone suddenly walks in on us? We're at the open here." "Don't jinx it. Kiss me Ruki. Don't think about anything else." Ah. This girl. She's enjoying it now. I can't get enough of her. My desire is continuously being filled up since the time I got off the station. Locking her in another kiss, her tongue aggressively attacks mine. My free hand is now at her thigh, rubbing it tenderly. She doesn't notice or she just doesn't care. Either way, it's great for me. We have more time. I'll savour Satsuki thoroughly.
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