House Visit (2)

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"Hey, Ruki, your hand. You thought I wouldn't notice?" "Don't mind it. That's just a reflex." "p*****t. Stop now. You said you're at my mercy." "Okay then, Your Highness." Breaking our intimate kiss, I went back to my previous position but our eyes were still locked at each other. Well, it's a shame. I've just started to feel that thigh of hers. "There. How was my kiss, your Highness?" "It's fine. I bet Sakuma can kiss me better." "But will he? And I won't let you. You're mine, Satsuki." "He will. You're just bad, taking advantage of me here. Making me weird all over. And I'm not yours. I'm Sakuma's." "You say that but I'm the one making you like that. You know you're mine now, Satsuki." "p*****t. I'm yours, for now. But my heart is his." Ah. This girl. She keeps talking about Sakuma. Probably to remind her that he's the one she really loves, not me. I don't need her heart anyway. Now, she admitted she's mine, I'll remove that extra phrase soon enough. "Yes. I told you, I won't compete for your heart. Knowing you're mine now is enough for me. I won't ask for more." "You. You never thought of saying you like me. Are you afraid to say that because it might not change my heart?" I like her? Maybe, if wanting to steal her is equivalent to like then yes, I like her. I like teasing her. I like seeing her blushing face. I like that soft lips of hers. I like that tongue who's too aggressive. Ah. I like everything about her and yeah except her heart that only beats for Sakuma. And that was if wanting to steal her really is the meaning of like. "But I want you. I honestly do. Isn't that why I'm here? Trying to take my chances to be with you." "You're weird. I don't know about that 'want' of yours but from your actions, you clearly like me. I might've like you too but my love for Sakuma is still stronger than that." "You don't have to worry about that Satsuki. I'm fine like this, taking you as mine. That's enough. You can keep loving him all you want and I might help you two. But Satsuki, once you're mine, I won't let him touch you." "Y-you. You're kind of possessive Ruki. Why? He'll be my boyfriend. He can touch me." Ah. Am I? Am I also showing possessiveness to those who I steal? Maybe. But it's not as strong as what I feel for Akane. "No. I won't let you. You're mine Satsuki. Haa. I guess I can't really hold onto you." "You can't. In the first place, he's the one I love." Ah. What's this? I don't know why but my motivation just now plummeted this low in an instant. I look at Satsuki with her firm determination. That determination to love Sakuma that I can't break. Ah. Why am I thinking of breaking that deep love of hers? Is this my desire talking to me? Isn't it enough to just steal her? I don't know. "I see. Then Satsuki. I'll go home." "Huh? Why? You just got here." "I don't know. I came here to be with you but seeing you that determined, I just can't find it to continue tormenting you two." "You'll give up? After all that you've done? Didn't you tell me to blame you? I am blaming you now! Don't leave me here. I'll keep blaming you so…" Huh? What is this? I can't understand. This girl. Won't you be happy if I left? "Satsuki. You know that if I give up on you, you'll finally be happy with the guy you love. So why?" "Huh? You're right. I can finally be happy with him. But Ruki. I don't know. I also don't understand. Help me understand this. Seeing you turn your back like that. It's like I'm losing something important. So. Don't leave me." Eh? What the hell is happening here? I'm also confused. It's not in my nature to just give up. Look how I persisted at stealing Haruko but now, why did I think of giving up? Because of that deep love? Because of her determination? I don't know. But Satsuki, she also doesn't want me to leave her. Why? What's her reasoning? This girl. She's making me more confused. What do I think of Satsuki? She's the greatest catch I ever had. That deep love and the way she acted are the most satisfying for my desire since the beginning. I guess I can only understand this if I don't give up. And she doesn't want me to give up as well. She wanted me to stay with her. "If I turn back, will you be mine, Satsuki? Sakuma. Don't let him touch you. You can love him. You can date him. But everything apart from that is mine." "I don't know Ruki. But if that's what will let you stay then let it be done. I'm yours so stay here." "Don't regret this later, Satsuki." "i***t. I won't. I just need to keep blaming you, right?" Yes. That's it. Blame me. Continue to blame me. That way we can hold on to each other. Ah. I understand now. So that's why. She's also holding onto that. This girl. She clearly knew what we're doing. She can't betray her heart so she clings on that lifeline I created. I didn't answer her and just put her in my embrace. Surprised for a second, she also did the same. And we both feel each other's warmth. "You're mine Satsuki." "You don't have to keep repeating it. Yes. I'm yours." "No turning back. I'll help you satisfy that love of yours. But you will always be mine." "I don't know anymore. I love that i***t. True. And I can't change that. But you, you're the one with me now." Turning her head to me, my lips once more meet hers. Like earlier, she welcomes it with both mouth and tongue. We keep on kissing until we drop back to their sofa with me on top of her. No words were exchanged but our eyes keep on conversing to each other. This moment between us. This will continue. And neither of us will stop. Only sounds of our kisses can be heard here in their living room. Her hands that were embracing just earlier lifted my shirt up, trying to take it off me. I stopped for a bit and let her succeed and in turn, I lifted up her hoodie, taking it off her, revealing a frilly sleeveless shirt that's thin enough to show the outline of her b*a underneath it. When I was about to take that off, she stopped me with her hand. "N-not yet. Wear your shirt again, let's eat that first." "Now, you're teasing me Satsuki. Okay. I'm at your mercy here." I picked my shirt up and wore it like she asked before following her to where I put the cake. At least she doesn't put the hoodie on again. I move towards her back and hug her. Encircling my arms on her navel. I can feel the firm muscles she built up and if she continues, abs will clearly be visible in the future. "I told you we will eat. What are you hugging me for?" "I just can't resist it Satsuki." "p*****t. I can feel your hard thing behind me." "Ah. I can't help that, it's like that since earlier." "Is it like that because of me?" "Who else? You're the one here with me. You always excite me Satsuki." You keep filling up my desire. Ah. Now my motivation is back. This girl is just too precious to let go. "K-keep that for now. It's not the right time." "You're right. Let's eat first. I wanna taste lemon again and remember our first kiss." "p*****t. Forget about that already." "How can I? You also remember, right? That's how we started." "You're really a bad friend." "I'm just true to my desire. And my desire is to steal you." Yes. It's always like this. Satisfying my desire. I got a lot of girls because of it. There were those who fell for me without me knowing and there were also those who suffered without me knowing. Those who suffered, I don't regret what I did but if I can make up for what I did to them then I will. For now, I'm still focused on satisfying this desire. Satsuki then hands over a plate with the sliced cake. "Here's yours." "Ah. Let's eat on one plate. Let me feed you." "i***t. You want us to act like a couple?" "Well, we're kind of like that when we're alone like this." Satsuki resignedly accepted and put back the plate she was about to use for her cake. "Then feed me." "You're too cute Satsuki." "Stop teasing me and do it, i***t. It's you who want this." "Here. Say aah." And like that, we spend some time eating cake. Feeding each other. At least she can make tea or I would've already choked. At times we will suddenly kiss each other like we both knew what we're thinking and then she will smile while remembering the taste of that lemonade she drank that day. Finally. Satsuki decided to let me go with her to her room. But we were interrupted when a knock sounded on the door. "Ah. Are you expecting someone?" "No. I wonder who that is. Stay out of sight of the door." She then moves towards the door. Opening it slightly to see who is knocking, peeking only her head out. "Ah. Satsu-chan. I thought there's no one home. Here, some fruits from our hometown." A middle-aged woman's voice was what I heard from beyond the door. I tried to move closer to Satsuki to hear better. "Auntie Sakuma. My parents and Satoshi went out. I'm the only one left here. Thank you. I'll tell them you gave this to us." "I see. That's why their car isn't here. That boy, Ryou, refused to go here. I already gave some to the other neighbours and you're the only one left. " Sakuma? Ryou? Sakuma's mother? I see. Why didn't I think of that? They're neighbours. Or rather they live in the same neighbourhood. So that's it. And from the Auntie's mouth, it seems like their family is close to hers. The reason is here, the reason why she loves him that deep. "That Sakuma. He probably doesn't want to see me. Thank you, Auntie. Give that guy an earful." "You two are always like this. When will you make up with him?" There. There's the story between the two. I should ask her about it. But will she tell me? "I'm the girl here Auntie." "Right. You're right. I'll give that son of mine a lecture. See you Satsu-chan. Tell your mom I stopped by." "Yes. Thank you for the fruits." With a basket of fruits on her hand, Satsuki closed the door. "Let me help you with that." "What's that face? You heard?" "What?" "Don't play dumb. Idiot." "Well, I should've guessed he's also around here." "Ruki. Are you feeling jealous right now?" Taking the basket from her, I turned and went to their kitchen to put it down. "Why would I get jealous? It's just, I didn't expect how close your families are. And you didn't think of the risk of him seeing us outside earlier." "Ah. They're not from this street but from the next one so there's little risk to seeing him. Besides, that guy won't ever come near here." "Seems like there's some history. And maybe the reason why you love him that much." "Yes. But I won't tell you. Maybe not now. Just know I love that idiot." I closed our distance and took her lips again. Maybe she won't tell me now but I will have her tell me that reason soon. "See? You're jealous." Satsuki said when I released her lips. "I'm not." There's no reason to be jealous. This girl. "You can't deny it with that face Ruki. At least you're a bit cute when you're jealous." "This girl. Don't just decide I'm jealous. I never felt like that." Satsuki laughed at my response and didn't say anything else. She pulled me by her hand and led me upstairs to where her room is. "Here it is Mr. Jealous. You're the first guy to have come here." "When will you stop? If you don't, I'll break my promise to be at your mercy." "You're not scary like that Ruki. You're scarier when you're not jealous." Ah. This girl really won't stop. Well, she's having her fun thinking like that. I'll concede. "Didn't know you could be this stubborn Satsuki. Have it your way then." "So you admit it?" "You won't take no for an answer, will you?" "You're fun to tease Ruki. This is new. I finally got my revenge from all your teasing." She smiled smugly and threw a punch at my shoulder. "There's the first punch. You owe me 11 more." "Huh? Isn't it only two?" "You're at my mercy, right? I added 10." "Now you're the one taking advantage of me." "Don't mind it. I'm just taking revenge. I feel like a chance like this won't come easily in the future." "At least you know that. I'll keep on teasing you starting tomorrow." And she threw another punch before pulling me inside her room. "And I add another 10. For stepping into a girl's room." "You... Haa. Do what you want your Highness." "Then sit down on the floor." Doing what she ordered, I sat down on the floor of her room. Looking around, it's really girly compared to how she acts. There are even large stuffed toys on her bed and small ones as decoration on her study table and drawers. "Your room is cute Satsuki. When I saw yesterday I thought this was your little sister's room." "i***t. I don't have a little sister. Only an older sister and a little brother. My older sister is now in college so she left the house to live alone somewhere near her university." "I see. Then this room isn't your older sister's?" "This is mine! What the hell Ruki? Why can't you believe this is my room?" She threw another punch putting down the count to 19. Haa. Feels like the number isn't going down. "It's surprisingly girly." "I'm a girl. Idiot." "Right. You are. I can still remember the shape of your butt." "You p*****t. Another 10 punch." Eh? This girl. Maybe it's really a bad idea to have me at her mercy. How can I take advantage of her now?
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