Inside Satsuki's Room (1) *

2397 Words

There were two sounds that could be heard inside Satsuki's room. The sound of her continuous kisses and the sound of our rustling clothes. "I thought I would be your punching bag." "Shut up, Ruki. Do you want my punch or my kiss?" Satsuki is currently straddling me who's sitting on the floor. I was not allowed to move nor respond to her kisses. I don't know, instead of continuing her punches which she kept on increasing the numbers, she dropped it and did this instead. "Are you possibly addicted to kissing me?" "I told you to shut up, Ruki. You're at my mercy now. Just accept it and don't talk" She slapped my left cheek then resumed her kisses. From normal kisses to occasional sucking on my lips and tongue. Maybe, like me, she's trying to memorize the shape of my lips. This girl, bei

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