Before Meeting Them

1827 Words

Lunch ended and even though Nami wanted to go back with me to the classroom, I told her that it's better if we go in separately. There's still the rumors going around and though we're not doing anything to clear those off, confirming it like that will basically put us in the center of the rumors again. As long as we don't confirm it, the only ones who have the idea of what our current relationship is are my girls and the members of their club. Shizu-senpai already caught me with Satsuki once, it's not wrong to assume that there were others who also caught me with other girls but they're keeping it to themselves. Well, I'm not doing anything excessive these days except my constant habit of sending Satsuki and Aya to their clubs as well as escorting Kana and Rae to the bus station. Other

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